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December 11, 2013

Federal Government to Focus More on Car Safety System Research

A lot of cars today have been equipped with safety technology that is smart enough to prevent potential crashes that might injure or kill drivers and passengers. For the past few years, automakers have already been including systems in the cars that they manufacture that would generally ensure driver and passenger safety. However, these are only available in some high-end vehicles.

But the federal government, led by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), apparently wants to research more on car safety systems. Officials are expected to decide on how they can convince top automakers to include already-existing car safety systems in more cars. Here, the focus of their research is on certain safety systems, particularly those that automatically prevent drivers from driving their cars when they’re drunk or are not wearing their seat belts.

For the federal agency, topnotch safety systems, which include systems that avoid collisions, seat belt interlocks, and systems that detect blood-alcohol concentrations (BACs), are very helpful in potentially decreasing the number of motor vehicle accident deaths in the nation. Officials are also looking at the possibility of changing safety standards to pave the way for automakers to use the safety system devices to comply with the current government requirements for occupant protection in crash tests.

November 28, 2013

Important Highlights from the 2012 NHTSA Traffic Accident Data

In case you missed it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released its Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data for the year 2012. The latest statistics from the public health and safety agency showed a 3.3 percent increase in its accident fatalities, from 32,479 in 2011 to 33,561. This is the first time since 2005 wherein traffic fatalities saw a year-to-year increase, when there were 43,510 deaths.

Also, this latest data came after six consecutive years of significant decline in the number of accident deaths, with the 2011 totals being the lowest since 1949. The 33,561 deaths were close to the projected 34,080 motor vehicle crash deaths that the NHTSA initiallyprojected earlier this year. The data for the said initial projection can be found here.

November 18, 2013

How Can Rockslide Cause Traffic and Danger to Motorists

Every day, there are many hazards that you have to face. That is why it is so difficult to avoid accidents on the road. Every year, hundreds of thousands of incidences of motor vehicle crashes happen, causing injuries to people, damage to property, and even death to some. There are many reasons as to why these crashes happen. While driver error remains as the top contributor to these mishaps from happening, external factors like road conditions can also get one involved in an accident.

Rock Slide Causes Traffic Mess in Malibu

Last weekend, boulders fell from a mountain, blocking lanes of the Malibu Canyon Road at Las Virgenes Road. Rockslides caused huge chunks of heavy rocks to fall on the road. This has led to the closure of the busy road for many hours. The incident led to gridlocks on the roads near the area. More than that, things like this could have fallen onto someone driving by the area. A Los Angeles Injury Attorneys that has handled many similar cases shared that such events unnecessarily put the lives of a lot of people in danger. In a way, he believes that the government through its implementing agencies should assume great responsibility in making sure that these accidents won’t happen. This way, they would be able to protect and ensure the safety of every American on the road.

November 13, 2013

Death by a Pet: The Deadliest Animals in the US

Americans are animal-loving people. A lot of American families have their own dogs, cats and many different kinds of pets. Some are more common kinds of animals while others are a little too exotic. However, one must remember that animals, no matter how domesticated are them has this tendency to go wild and go attacking people, including yourself. Contrary to what others believe, there are a lot of reasons as to why animals do attack people. One of the most common reasons why animals do that is because they feel threatened. Once that happens, animals hit back on people causing injuries. So what are the animals that attacked humans the most in the US? Here is a list from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the fatalities caused by animals from 1999 to 2007.

  •          Crocodiles and alligators.
    Crocodiles and alligators are known to attack any animal that they see or get in contact with when they are hungry. Also, if they feel threatened, these reptiles go and attack people to defend themselves. In that 8-year period, 9 deaths have been recorded.

  •          Marine animals.
    Animals from under the sea are rather tame. However, there are certain breeds like piranhas, sharks, and others that have this tendency to attack and try to eat other animals that they think they can easily overpower. Humans are just some of those common subjects of those attacks. From 1999-2007, 8 deaths were reported.

  •          Lizards and snakes.
    Some lizards and snakes have venoms that they use to protect themselves when they feel threatened. The same is also used to animals they want to immobilize and eat. 59 people died according to the CDC from that 8-year period.

  •           Arthropods.
    In American rainforests, arthropods save for spiders, scorpions, centipedes,

  •          Other animals.
    Non venomous animals like reptiles and other animals also have contributed to the number have caused a total of 462 deaths.

November 04, 2013

How Motorists Can Help Law Enforcement Officials Keep Bad Elements Off The Road is not every day that you meet hard-working and honest government workers. Although there are still good employees of the government, no one can deny their scarcity. That is why when one of these kinds pass away, people cannot help but be sad about it. Such is the pain that the people of Laguna Beach California are experiencing as 42-year-old motorcycle officer Jon Coutchie passed away.

Tragic death while in the line of duty
A couple of days ago, one speeding vehicle have eluded one Laguna Beach officer. Coutchie, who was then going northbound on South Coast Highway was then tasked to locate the vehicle. However, while doing his work, he suddenly figured in a collision with a Chevrolet pickup truck as he attempted to make a turn. Coutchie died at the scene. According to a Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys, this is the first death of an on-duty Laguna Beach officer in 60 years or since 1953.

A true servant of the nation
Coutchie has been in the service for a long time now. The Tucson Arzona-born and Orange County, California-raised officer was a graduate of the Laguna Hills High School. During his younger years, Coutchie has spent four years in the military service as an Army Ranger. He then enlisted after the September 11 attacks where he completed tours of duty in dangerous Arabic countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. He then joined the Laguna Beach Police Department in 2009.

Public mourning
Coutchie is one of the revered Laguna Beach officer that is why his death has caused mourning all throughout the community. In fact, people from the area held a large motorcade in honor of the fallen officer. Officials joined the procession as police accompanied the body of Coutchie from the coroner’s office to the mortuary. A public viewing is being held at the mortuary while a funeral service was scheduled soon.

October 31, 2013

Seat Belts and Car Seats: Keeping Your Kids Protected While On the Road

Americans love to drive and this love affair that this country has with cars and driving them is something that every citizen of this country will have trouble letting go. That is why during summer, American families would spend their weekends coming together and hitting the road for that fun family road trip. However, before you tuck your kids in the vehicle’s backseat, you should first ask yourself, is my kid safe enough in there?

Children and vehicle crashes:
Vehicle crashes has been one of the leading causes of injuries and death in the United States. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get injured, while thousands get killed because of these crashes. Modern vehicles employ a ton of safety features that help protect its occupants in the event of a crash. However, according to the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, more than a third of the children that died in car crashes are those that were not in safety seats or wearing their safety belts.

And so the agency, in celebration of the Child Passenger Safety Week, is promoting the use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts for kids to help keep them safe while you are out on those long journeys. However, a Los Angeles Injury Attorneys shares that these gadgets would not work well and won’t be able to completely protect your children when not used properly. That is why the NHTSA provided some useful tips about the use of these safety aids.

October 22, 2013

Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet in California: What You Should Know About It

Every motorcyclist, especially in California, must wear a protective gear when riding out on the road. Not only is this required by the traffic laws of the state, but wearing it decreases the rider’s chance of getting seriously injured if ever a collision happens. Because a motorcycle does not entirely protect the rider from the impact of a crash, it is imperative that he or she must wear something that would protect delicate body parts, particularly the head.

As it is, the motorcycle helmet is the most essential safety gear that every motorcyclist must wear at all times when riding the two-wheeled motor vehicle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), helmets prevent motorcycle accident deaths 37 percent of the time. Also, the safety gear is 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries.

Because of how effective these protective gears are, a lot of states have adopted laws that make wearing helmets mandatory for persons who ride motorcycles. A total of 47 states plus the District of Columbia have a mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists. Nineteen of them have the universal helmet law, which means that helmets must be worn by both riders and passengers.

One of the states with the universal helmet law is California, which adopted the said measure in 1992. Upon implementation of the law, helmet use rose from 50 percent to 99 percent. It was proven effective once the law was laid down in the state; in fact, the number of motorcycle accident deaths decreased by 37 percent.

October 10, 2013

Daydreaming While Driving Can Lead to Vehicle Accidents

Of all the different forms of distracted driving, using the cell phone to text or call someone while driving is the one action that we are most aware of. So is tinkering the car stereo and picking up something off the car floor. In such instances, the chances of getting involved in an accident become greater once the driver takes his or her eyes away from the road for a while and focuses on doing any of these distractions.

However, there are also instances wherein drivers still look at where they are going, but would still get involved in a collision with another car or with a stationary object on the road. No, it’s not that the car brakes failed, or any important vehicle part unexpectedly malfunctioned. It has to do with the driver thinking deeply of something or someone to the point that doing so takes away the focus on the task at hand. It’s called daydreaming, and it is considered a dangerous distraction that could lead to a vehicle accident.

Daydreaming happens when the driver’s mind drifts off from what he or she sees on the road and what he or she does while holding on to the steering wheel. Technically, the driver’s eyes are on the road, feeling totally aware of what’s happening. But then, the driver’s mind is on something or someone else, so unless he or she snaps out of it, it’s just a matter of minutes or seconds before a disastrous collision happens.

October 01, 2013

Yielding: The Best Accident Mitigation Tool Any Driver Has Against a Motor Vehicle Crash

On the road, it is important for drivers to give the courtesy to everybody. If a driver puts himself first than other on the road, chances are nobody’s going to yield for anybody and this could be catastrophic. Such is what happened one day in Los Angeles, California as vehicles piled up after a collision at the intersection of the Interstate 110 and Interstate 10 where a policeman in a motorcycle was hurt.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, an unidentified motorcycle police officer was hurt sustaining a leg injury after his motorcycle collided with a car that caused a pile up. Currently, the authorities are investigating the real cause of the accident and who had the right of way to proceed. Such kinds of accidents on intersections of main thoroughfares happen a lot.

In a data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a lot of major accidents happen in prominent roads across the country. This is because vehicles in interstates run faster than vehicles in simple side streets in the cities and suburbs. Also according to the agency, motorcycle riders are 37 times more likely to die against passenger car occupants. Experts say that motorcycles offer little or no protection to its riders. Even when a rider is equipped with complete riding safety gear like helmets, padded body suits and more, these are still inferior to the protection that motor vehicles offer to its occupants.

According to a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer, such accidents could be avoided. According to him, motorcycle riders should exercise more caution while riding as they know about the increased risks that they take whenever they go out for a ride. The same Los Angeles attorney added that drivers, no matter how big or small your vehicle is should be more careful whenever to go out for travel. Common safety driving tips yielding in intersections and driving at the right speed makes a huge difference between ending up in a crash and getting to where you want to be safely.

September 24, 2013

NHTSA’s Campaign Against Drunk Driving Starts Anew

Drunk driving in the United States is nothing new. These accidents always result in deaths of not only drunk drivers, but of innocent road users who are always in the receiving end of such mishaps, from drivers, passengers, bicyclists to pedestrians. Despite these, safety advocates and officials from law enforcement agencies are not stopping on their tracks in cracking down drunk drivers.

In what seems to be an annual tradition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), along with several entities in-charge of implementing traffic safety, are once again joining hands in fighting drunk driving in U.S. roadways by launching its “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. The objective of the campaign is crystal clear: a driver found drunk will be “stopped, arrested, and prosecuted.”

Aside from the said objective, this year’s campaign pays special attention on the victims of drunk driving. Statistical data from the NHTSA showed that in nearly 10,000 drunk driving-related crashes being recorded every year, more than a third of them were not the drunk driver. In fact, in 2011, there were at least 3,371 of them. In comparison, some 6,507 who died that year were the drunk drivers themselves.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have been playing a huge role in this nationwide campaign; elements of more than 10,000 police departments and law enforcement agencies all over the country have been out on the streets in full force since August 16 to implement the above mentioned objective.

September 16, 2013

Recent Statistics on Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving the Elderly

Recent Statistics on Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving the Elderly

The elderly age group, particularly people ages 70 and older, is highly at risk of getting injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. While they are less likely to be licensed to drive as opposed to younger people, as well as less likely to drive more miles than they did during early adult years, it was found that the fatal crash rates of the elderly per mile traveled increases starting at age 70 to 74. Such rates are at its highest among drivers 85 and older.

As it is, majority of elderly drivers have an increased likelihood of getting fatally injured in a motor vehicle crash because they are more susceptible to bodily harm, especially injuries to the chest. Aside from that, medical complications due to sustained injuries among the elderly may also happen.

To provide a clear perspective as to the vulnerability of elderly drivers to motor vehicle crashes, the following are some of the statistical information taken from the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data:

·         The total number of people ages 70 or older who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2011 was 4,052. Said figure was a 3-percent decrease from the previous year (4,171, 2010).

·         Of the number of elderly people who died in vehicle crashes in 2011, around 76 percent of them (3,097) were passenger vehicle occupants, while 16 percent of them (631) were pedestrians.

·         Of the 3,097 older passenger vehicle occupants who died in 2011, around 62 percent of them (2,292) were older drivers, while 15 percent of them (551) were passengers. In comparison, there were only 42 percent of drivers who died in motor vehicle crashes that year who are younger than 30.

·         Older males have higher death rates in crashes than older females, and this is true across other age groups.

·         In 2011, drivers 80 years or older accounted for 39 percent of multiple-vehicle crashes at intersections in the country, while drivers 20-49 accounted for only 18 percent.

September 02, 2013

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool: An Effective Tool To Address Safety of Bicyclists on the Road

An Effective Tool To Address Safety of Bicyclists on the Road

Bicycle crashes have been happening left and right over the years. According to data gathered in 2004. 725 bicyclists got involved and killed in traffic accidents. This means that 12 percent of all the recorded traffic fatalities in the United States were bicyclists. Moreover, 41,000 biker-riding people were injured because of the said accidents. Because of this, more and more ways are being made to study and come up with ways to lessen and stop these from happening.

The Birth of PBCAT
The classification of bicycle crash types is needed on a way. This helps stakeholders to help prevent these accidents from happening. And so, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) was made. The Federal Highway Association (FHWA) came up with this software application is designed to assist local and State pedestrian and bicycle coordinators, planners, and engineers in addressing bicycle crash problems. Through the PBCAT, users can create a database of details that are connected with car crashes involving motor vehicles and pedestrians or bicycle riders. This tool helps analyze the recovered data to come up with reports that guides stakeholders to pick the appropriate countermeasures that resolves the problems encountered that causes bike accidents.

What does the PBCAT has?
This user-friendly software now packs some enhancements that make it better than other online tools.

August 27, 2013

Some Summer Safety Driving Tips That Teenagers Must Be Aware Of

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading causes of death among teenagers in the United States. Despite the fact that the specific age group drives less than all but the oldest people, the numbers tell a different story; the number of crashes and the resulting deaths among teenagers are disproportionately high.

To make matters worse, teenagers face a greater likelihood of suffering severe injuries or getting killed in vehicle crashes during the summer season. Since this time of the year is known for school breaks, teenagers have more time in their hands to go out and plan road trips with friends. With some parents being lax in supervising their teenage sons and daughters when the school is out, the chances of road accidents involving the said age group increase. 

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that a total of 3,023 teenagers within the 13-19 age range died in motor vehicle crashes in 2011. Although the said figure was a slight decrease from the previous year (3,121, 2010), the 2011 statistics accounted for 10 percent of the total vehicle crash fatalities, which stood at 32,367. In addition, more teens died in the summer months—July and August—than any other months in 2011.

For teenagers to avoid becoming a statistic, a Los Angeles accident attorney advises parents of teenagers to be responsible enough to supervise their sons and daughters during the summer season, especially in the aspect of driving. Here are some summer driving tips for teenagers:

August 19, 2013

Leaving the Scene of the Accident Can Get You Into Trouble

As a Los Angeles motorist, it is a must that you are aware of the steps that you need to do in case you get involved in a car accident. First, you must move your vehicle out of the traffic flow and, if possible, contact the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or law enforcement and wait for them to get to the scene.

While at the accident scene, it is important that you take photographs of any debris or dents on your vehicle using your cell phone or camera, if you have one. If there are witnesses present at the scene, obtain their contact information, and provide them yours. After the accident, don’t forget to contact your insurance provider and explain to your agent of what happened. Never agree to provide a recorded statement to your insurance provider without first seeking legal advice from a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

Such unfortunate events often involve damage to property, as well as occurrence of injury or death to another person. In any of these circumstances, the one thing that you need to do is stay at the scene. Doing otherwise may cause you to face either a misdemeanor or a felony charge.

You may face a misdemeanor charge if you leave the accident scene which involved property damage. As stated by the California Vehicle Code section 20002, you are only allowed to stop at the scene and provide your contact information (name, home address, vehicle registration, contact number) to the owner of the damaged property. You may also provide the other party your driver’s license.

Meanwhile, you may face a felony charge if you do the same thing; this time if there is either personal injury or death involved. As stated by the California Vehicle Code section 20001, aside from stopping at the scene, you must also provide either the injured person/s or police officers your contact and vehicle information. If the vehicle you were driving is not yours, the name and address of the car owner must be provided.

It is important that you also assist any injured person involved in the accident. Within 24 hours of the accident, you must file an accident report at the police department near the area where the accident or with the CHP.

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August 01, 2013

Trash Truck Runs Over, Kills Los Angeles 87-year-old Woman

Truck accidents and mishaps involving big, powerful vehicles are commonly reported in the State of California as well as in different parts of the country. That is because there are certain instances when driving these behemoths are quite tricky. That is why for those people who are driving these vehicles, it is important to make sure that they have the experience, the training, or are qualified to operate those dangerous vehicles.

Importance of driver’s license classes

Ever wonder what the field “class” on your driver’s license means? Basically, this pertains to the restrictions in as far as the type of vehicle that one driver is allowed to operate. By limiting the type of vehicle that a driver can use, traffic safety is improved as it ensures that a particular motorist has the training and experience to handle the vehicle he or she is driving.

Driver error as the leading cause of accidents

For a number of years now, it has been documented that driver error is the leading cause of motor vehicle accident. That is why it is important that drivers of trucks, or other heavy equipment should have the training and experience to do so, else they could be a rolling accident waiting to happen.

Example of driver error gone really wrong

Just lately, one 87-year-old woman was killed in Los Angeles after she has been hit by a garbage truck collector. According to reports, the woman was just standing at the intersection of Broadway and Avenue 22 when the city trash truck hit her. Investigations further revealed that the driver of the truck was not aware of what happened until somebody else has flagged him down. This is a perfect example of driver error. As a driver, you should be aware of what is happening to your surroundings and be able to avoid road hazards around you. Unfortunately, the driver failed to do all of those and that caused the demise of the poor, old lady.

July 25, 2013

Falling Tree Accident Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

Falling Tree Accident Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

Spending time outdoors is a thrilling and exciting experience as it allows you to revisit your connection with nature. It gives you a liberating feeling that you won’t get anywhere else. Given the number of great nature parks in the United States, it is easy to understand why Americans love camping. It is in fact one of the leading activities that American families do during holidays. However, the great outdoors have its dangers as well.

A regular camping trip gone wrong

One summer camp counselor, who knows nature parks better than anybody else, died. At the same time, four others got injured as one tree fell onto a campfire circle just outside the Yosemite National Park. According to reports, a 3- to 4-foot-wide oak tree suddenly came falling into a bench and campfire, just outside the dining hall at Camp Tawonga.

Finding out what really happened

According to a Los Angeles premise liability lawyer, it is important that authorities determine why the tree fell. This way, it could be determined if the tree fell because of unavoidable reasons or if the keepers of the park’s negligence actually caused the unfortunate accident. This could have the keepers of the park liable for the said accident and pay damages to the killed camp counselor and the injured campers in the park. Also, this could help the administrators of the park come up with the necessary actions to prevent such accidents from ever happening again. Moreover, this would pave the way for better readiness for the same people to be able to respond to such accidents.

An opportunity to revisit camping hazards

More than preserving nature’s treasures, this accident is an eye-opener to park keepers on the importance of putting the safety of the campers on top of their priorities. Accidents are things that are very difficult to prevent. However, prioritizing the safety of everybody should be the main concern of authorities to keep people from getting hurt. A Los Angeles attorney reminds everyone that fun should never outweigh the importance of safety for park goers and accountability for park keepers. By doing routine checks and proper maintenance of facilities, or parks in this case, is the most important tool against accidents.

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