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December 11, 2013

Federal Government to Focus More on Car Safety System Research

A lot of cars today have been equipped with safety technology that is smart enough to prevent potential crashes that might injure or kill drivers and passengers. For the past few years, automakers have already been including systems in the cars that they manufacture that would generally ensure driver and passenger safety. However, these are only available in some high-end vehicles.

But the federal government, led by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), apparently wants to research more on car safety systems. Officials are expected to decide on how they can convince top automakers to include already-existing car safety systems in more cars. Here, the focus of their research is on certain safety systems, particularly those that automatically prevent drivers from driving their cars when they’re drunk or are not wearing their seat belts.

For the federal agency, topnotch safety systems, which include systems that avoid collisions, seat belt interlocks, and systems that detect blood-alcohol concentrations (BACs), are very helpful in potentially decreasing the number of motor vehicle accident deaths in the nation. Officials are also looking at the possibility of changing safety standards to pave the way for automakers to use the safety system devices to comply with the current government requirements for occupant protection in crash tests.