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December 27, 2011

Qualified Parties for a Wrongful Death Claim

 Due to the rising number of fatal accidents in California, several wrongful death lawsuits are filed. Heightened road activity in the place has led to the deaths of local resident or a tourist.

This type of personal injury case is duly defined as the demise of a loved on due to the negligent or wrongful action of a person, organization or company. It may be intentional or truly accidental and those who are entitled for claims under this lawsuit were the surviving relatives of the victim.

The federal and state laws had created standards for family members in order for them to qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit. They should be well guided on the different concepts used in court litigations and California wrongful death attorneys could provide these. Moreover, a “personal representative” is needed in court coming from one of the surviving members. Here is the list of those who could qualify for a claim.

December 13, 2011

Four Steps to Do When Preserving a Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

Four Steps to Do When Preserving a Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

Personal injury victims should make sure that they do all necessary measures to preserve their potential claim. It is imperative for accident victims to secure their claim against the person or group of people who caused their injuries.

How to Preserve Personal Injury Claims?

If you believe that you have a possible personal injury claim, you must make sure to preserve it. The following are suggested tips by experienced Los Angeles attorneys:

1. Keep potential pieces of evidence

Presentation of evidence is vital for any type of personal injury claim; hence, it is highly suggested to preserve possible articles of evidence. You may do this by keeping and securing medical records, insurance documents, as well as photographs of the accident scene.