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July 02, 2014

14 Hurt As Bus Mysteriously Crashed Into a Light Pole

Buses are some of the most common modes of public transport in California and the whole of the United States. It also is one of the most accessible and affordable way of getting around. Buses are very efficient as it burns a lot less amount of fuel compared to say a number of vehicles that could carry the same number of people from one place to the other. This explains why buses are still very much in demand even though there are also other means of transportation available for commuters to take. They also say that it is one of the safest there is a low number of recorded bus accidents in California.

However, recently there have been more and more buses that are getting involved in mishaps. Just a couple of days ago in Bell, California, more than a dozen people (fourteen to be exact) have been hospitalized. That is when a Metro bus suddenly veered and crashed into a light pole. The accident happened particularly near Florence and Atlantic avenues, early Sunday morning. This is just one of the few bus accidents that have been recorded in the state. Investigators are still trying to find out why such thing has happened. The passengers of the buses has been brought to nearby hospitals where they were all treated for the minor injuries they got.

Cause of the Mishap
The California Highway Patrol and the police have investigating on the real reason behind this rare kind of bus accident. They are studying the possibility of the failure of the bus or it’s many systems. The authorities are also not discounting the possibility of driver error as this is the leading cause of accidents all over the country. Driver distraction, driving under the influence of alcohol and other illegal substances remain as the most common reason for motor vehicle accidents in the country.

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If you have ever been a victim of such kinds of mishaps though, you must know that you have rights under the country’s tort laws. A California bus accident attorney advices victims to ask for the assistance of a good lawyer and file the necessary charges to run after those responsible or those with a liability in such accidents. This would help you get the compensation that you need to have yourself treated, get medication, and as reparation for the hassle, as well as pain and suffering, among other losses that this has caused you.