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January 08, 2015

All about Medical Malpractice Causing Down Syndrome

Medical malpractice causes collection of negative effects towards the patients. This particular negligence has been continuously committed by medical practitioners specifically the group of physicians and surgeons. Consequently contributing a large amount of damages, the said negligence can be either life-changing or can also cost the patients’ lives. There are several categories enclosed in medical malpractice. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and surgical error are three of the most common factors under this type of negligence. Meanwhile, childbirth related faulty actions are also being experienced by an alarming number of patients.

To start with, instances of medical malpractice inflictions to new born babies can bind in several related stages: cesarean section (also known as c-section), inappropriate action during difficult birth and unsuccessful induced labor. The aforementioned situations can result brain damage and other related troubles. One of the most worrying effects of bumping into some failure during this condition is the “Down Syndrome”.

Also known as “Trisomy 21”, Down syndrome affects approximately 1 out of every 800 pregnancies. As matter of fact, there are over 400,000 individuals in the United States that are found to be living with this congenital disease according to research studies. Although there are claims insisting that this is hereditary, the occurrence of medical negligence also funds to sequences of acquiring this particular disability. Individuals who are suffering from Down syndrome commonly deals with congenital heart disease, dementia, eye, intestinal, skeletal problems, celiac disease, thyroid functions and more.

How medical malpractices do contribute to Down syndrome?

Screening for Down syndrome possibilities during pregnancy has been included as part of the prenatal care routine. In this situation, if the doctor failed to diagnose the Down syndrome and was not able to do provide certain prescriptions towards patients, then a medical malpractice took off. Ultrasound, blood tests and other necessary prenatal tests should be conducted by all medical practitioners who are trained for handling pregnant clients.

If a patient and her relatives are not informed about the baby’s condition prior to birth, then it can be exact time to pursue a wrongful birth claim due to medical malpractice. Errors of the medical practitioners can be observed during times when: (1) related test results are not read and analyzed properly by the doctor, (2) the doctor failed to clearly or even totally do not explain all risks for giving birth to a baby with such condition and also when the associated medical laboratory failed to conduct the right tests as well as faulty reporting the results to its owners. Aside from the said factors, there are still numerous reasons on how medical malpractices contributes a newly born to suffer Down syndrome.

Pursuing a medical malpractice litigation

With the identified grounds concerning medical malpractice, it is now possible for every affected individual to deal with medical malpractice litigation that will help them to gain the unbiased compensation due to their sufferings focusing on the difficulties that their newly born child has been facing every day. Thus, securing the best attorney who has gained specialty with regards to such medical negligence claims is a sensible solution since this can deliver long time effects towards its users. Above all, best precautions will still be noteworthy. The best personal injury case attorneys are the ones who display an outstanding compatibility among other legal professionals.