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March 25, 2013

Slip and Fall Case Woes: Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster

Slip and Fall Case Woes: Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster
Suffering an injury because of a slip and fall inside a commercial property entitles you for monetary compensation for the damages you incurred because of the accident. To prove this, you must have established a slip and fall case that would put the property owner liable for what happened to you. However, dealing with your claim is very difficult, especially if you are up against the insurance adjuster.

Getting involved in a slip and fall accident increases your chances of the insurance adjuster doing whatever it takes to take the liability off the property owner. It won’t matter for the insurance company, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. What it will do is construct an argument saying that your carelessness—not the carelessness of the property owner—caused your injuries.

The reluctant disposition of most insurance adjusters is due to their thinking that such cases are bound to be dismissed in court. While such cases may still proceed through in court, it would be a rarity for the jury to place the liability on the defendant (the property owner). That is unless the victims’ injuries are deemed severe.

As such, for you to avoid dealing with the insurance provider’s possibility of removing the blame on the insured defendant, then there are two important things that you need to show in your claim. First is the police report. If there is a mere mention that there was indeed a hazard at the time of the accident, then it is a must that you show it to the adjuster.

March 18, 2013

Preventing Auto Accidents Through the Use of Technology

Preventing Auto Accidents Through the Use of Technology

Driver’s role in car accidents

Car accidents are common on California roads. Every year, thousands of auto mishaps are recorded by the Department of Transportation through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) group. Further studies on these figures, these agencies found out that most auto accidents are caused by driver error.

Driver error is the failure of the vehicle operator to react accordingly to various situations on the road, causing various road accidents. Driver error is caused by a lot of factors. Top reasons for driver error are driver distraction, inexperience in emergency situations, and substance abuse. As carmakers learned about these accidents, they took it upon themselves to come up with new safety features that aim to lessen, if not completely prevent these kinds of accidents.

Crash Avoidance Technologies

March 11, 2013

Pedestrian Safety, the Government, and You

Pedestrian Safety, the Government, and You

Are you fond of walking down the road or jogging by the roadside? Do you enjoy long walks around the neighborhood? Well, you could. But in the state of California, you just might have to be a little more cautious. It’s quite dangerous to be a pedestrian in California, according to recent studies by the Transportation for America Coalition.

If you don’t take extra precautions while walking the street, you might end up needing a Los Angeles injury attorney to represent you in case you get injured. That is because you will most likely end up figuring in an accident.

Basically, California is the 16th most dangerous state for pedestrians and 3rd in fatalities for pedestrians 65 and older in the report’s Pedestrian Danger Index. The report also made mention that non-whites and those over 65 years of age are the people most likely to fall victims in pedestrian accidents.

Additionally, that the report also revealed that Hispanics have a 97-percent higher chance of being run over by cars than non-Hispanic whites. In the same page, African-Americans have an 83-percent higher death rate than non-Hispanic whites in California.

Moreover, older pedestrians are twice as likely to be killed walking nationally. However, in California, the risk with the elderly is triple the national average.

Reasons for pedestrian accidents

There are many reasons that can contribute to this situation. Poor infrastructure is common in poorer ethnic neighborhoods. Nearly 40 percent of the fatalities happen in places where there are no crosswalks available for pedestrians to use. Also, older people are more prone to accidents as they have troubles crossing the roads in time for the light.

Between 2000 and 2009, 6,960 pedestrians have lost their lives after the accidents that are happening in the area. This by far is the largest share occurring in the Los Angeles County where 2,079 pedestrians died.