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April 11, 2014

Cheating Death with a Train

Nobody should be messing with trains. These huge, heavy, solid, and powerful people and cargo movers won’t stop for, and cannot be stopped by anything for it can crash through and rip everything that stands in its way. Just like those that you see in the movies. However, unlike in the movies where nobody really gets hurt or killed, in real life, a lot of people get injured and die because of train accidents every year.

There are many types of train accidents that have happened before. There are times when irresponsible motorists try to outrun trains by going through the railroad crossing even if the signals are up. There are also times when trains get derailed due to overloading, bad track conditions or extreme weather conditions, cases where you can file a train accident claim to get compensation for injuries and loss of lives. Finally, there are people who play around with trains without any logical reason at all. Just like this one person in the Bay Area.

Perfect Example of What One Should Not Follow
Weeks ago, a man crossed the railroad tracks of a Bay Area commuter train. This man has crossed the tracks just as when a train went rushing by. Yes, the train didn’t missed him and he is still very much alive. Doesn’t sound too dangerous to you right? Not until you’ve seen the video. Caltrain, a commuter rail serves that serves San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties released a video of pedestrians crossing the tracks at its Sequioa station in Redwood City. Even though warning sirens were off and a flashing crossing gate was alerting these pedestrians of an oncoming train, an unidentified man crossed the tracks, avoiding the train just by a few feet or inches—talking about a near miss!

April 04, 2014

Fire on Your Golf Clubs

You can normally hear sportscasters say that one athlete is “on fire”. Of course, these sportscasters don’t mean that literally. Such term can be heard if an athlete is playing unbelievably well. However, according to a study from the University of California-Irvine, some golf players can really set themselves on fire, literally with the golf club they are using.

Fire-starting Clubs
The recent spate of devastating fires on golf courses in Irvin and Mission Viejo got fire investigators thinking about what could have possibly started these fire incidents. To get into the bottom of this, they have seek the help of materials scientists to find definitive answers to these questions. The scientists then looked for leads and ended up looking at golfing equipment, particularly, golf clubs to find answers. And so the answers did come.

Based on the published findings by the journal ‘Fire and Materials’, the materials scientists found out that titanium-coated golf clubs can cause an ignition, and possibly, fire if it strikes small pebbles or rocks, igniting dry foliage. In the study, researchers simulated the conditions in the golf courses where fires happened. With the use of high-speed video as well as powerful scanning electron microscope analyses, the scientists tried to find out if they hypothesis was indeed right.

March 28, 2014

DUI Officer Crashes Car into A McDonalds Outlet

Normally, you go to a McDonalds drive-thru station to get that badly-needed meal, whatever the time is. However, some locals or those who passed by Diamond Bar in California probably got disappointed when they went to their favorite McDonalds drive-thru station one early morning.

Crashing In
An officer of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was arrested by his peers after his car flew off the 60 Freeway. The car ended in a McDonald’s drive-thru station in Diamond Bar causing damage to the restaurant. Investigators said that 29-year-old Officer Jonathan Chel of the LAPD was brought to the UCI Medical Center after sustaining traumatic injuries because of the car crash. In the medical facility, it is found that Chel was under the influence of alcohol which got him arrested.

Drunk Driving is Bad
Time and again, authorities have worked well to make sure that people knew how dangerous drunk driving is. Every year, the government through the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in its anti-drunk driving campaign. Through tri-media and new media advertisements and information campaigns, these different agencies, as well as concerned groups have put in a lot of effort to let everybody know how dangerous drunk driving is and why people should stop doing it. While some adhere to these calls by the government, others still go driving after drinking, making them learn things the hard way. That is why more and more campaigns are being formulated to better reach motorists to get the message across and make people stop putting their lives and others in danger by drinking and driving.

Law Enforcers Breaking Laws
Law enforcement is one of the biggest problems as far as drunk driving is concerned. Especially if the ones who should be enforcing it at the very people who break it. That is why the government is again reiterating its calls to make people drive safer by taking drunk people off the road. This way, streets would be a lot safer and accidents like these won’t happen again.

March 19, 2014

Fatal Accidents to Affect California’s Traffic Safety Scorecard

Traffic Safety in the state of California has been experiencing a lot of firsts as it hit record-lows traffic fatalities for the year 2010. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has revealed that the number for California’s traffic fatalities went down in 3,081 in 2009 to 2,715 in 2010, an 11.9 percent decrease. This has been the lowest level since the federal government started recording the number of traffic fatalities in 1975. However, they are not so sure if they’d still be able to keep these statistics down.

In the past few months of the year, a number of motor vehicle accidents have been recorded in the state has been quite alarming. Just like these past few days, authorities are searching for a driver who fled after being involved in a deadly motor vehicle crash in Westminster, Orange County. According to investigations held by the officials, a car was headed northbound on Magnolia Avenue. Suddenly, the car veered and drove wrong way in the southbound lane of the road. The car later on hit the wall of a mobile home park before finally hitting a light pole. Authorities denied the involvement of other vehicles in the crash.

Another Life Lost
The passenger of the car was ejected from his seat and died at the scene. He was identified as Isaias Tang, 25-years-old. Witnesses revealed that the driver fled immediately right after the crash. The driver was last seen running southbound on Magnolia Avenue. The car involved in the crash was a dark blue, four-door compact car.

Looking for Leads
Right now, investigators have been looking for the suspect to make him accountable for his action. Authorities are now appealing to the public to join them in their quest for the driver of the car. According to earlier reports, the driver is a long-haired white male. They have requested everybody to call the Wesminster Police office at (714) 898-3315.