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September 28, 2012

Tips for Motorists Driving on Rainy Weather

People always tend to ignore the weather conditions whenever they drive. They forget to realize that these are actually among the elements that lead to accidents. A bad road condition due to slimy mud, fog, or strong winds are more than enough to confuse any driver.

One of the most common of all weather conditions is when it is raining hard. It creates a slippery path and dimly lit surroundings, which might block the view of the road of any driver.

September 25, 2012

About Whiplash Injury Sustained in Road Accidents

About Whiplash Injury Sustained in Road Accidents

Accidents on the road are quite common in the United States, particularly in the State of California. From the data presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2008 alone, there were already 711 traffic fatalities reported in Los Angeles, one of the most prominent cities in the state. Incidentally, the number of fatalities in the area is already considered high, given the fact that the State of California is one of the most accident-prone states in the United States.

As it is, motorists involved in these occurrences may have incurred various injuries that range from mild to serious. One particular form of injury that can be sustained by motorist in vehicular accidents is the whiplash.

Whiplash is defined as an injury from a sudden change in motion that comes quickly after the impact of a road accident.

September 22, 2012

Things to Always Keep Handy in Your Car

Things to Always Keep Handy in Your Car

It is a given fact that at any point during your trip, your car could suddenly break down.

According to the Automobile Association of America (AAA), the largest emergency roadside assistance organization in the U.S., some 29 to 30 million roadside emergencies occur every year. While 3 of 5 assistance calls are fixed by the AAA without any tow help, others are quite difficult, especially when help is not nearby.

As such, the chances of receiving aid after a car breakdown would always vary, depending on the location and the condition of the road and the weather outside. To avoid such inconvenience, it would be best if you are prepared, regardless whether the trip is a long or short one. By being prepared would mean having an emergency road kit and keeping it always inside your car.

Here are some things that should always be kept handy inside your car in case of emergency:

September 20, 2012

Different Insurance Coverage in Construction Liability

Most construction site employees probably have certain fears and reservations regarding their safety. As such, it is important to know what types of insurance coverage apply to the construction business.

Have a quick read of this list:

Product Liability Insurance. It is a type of a general liability insurance to be owned by any corporation that includes dealing with the customers or individuals in general. This insurance, as part of construction insurance, aids the corporation in the event that any damage to third party property or people is accidentally committed by workers or by the equipment used in construction.

Contractors All Risks Insurance. It is a type of insurance that is customized for construction firms. It basically offers assistance for contractual works of new residences, abrupt stoppage of on-going works of new houses, stealing of construction materials or equipment, or owned or hired plants. Hence, this insurance serves as an aid for the frequently sustained injuries in the construction process.

Employers Liability Insurance. It is a type of insurance that protects employees the most. Employers are liable for the health and security of their employees at construction site. Employers must have the knowledge regarding the condition of the construction area so that quick and effective remedy will be rendered in case the needs arise.

Personal Accident Insurance. It is a type of insurance that is established for the benefit of business partners, managers, or property owners. This is highly helpful in providing assistance during the period for which the injured individual cannot get any income.

Determining liability in construction accident is a difficult business due to the rigid process of litigation plus the possible lack of evidence to prove what or who really caused the accident. The injured party must be careful enough in choosing legal representative so that favorable result will be achieved.

Hire a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles immediately to know your legal rights and get the chance to recover your damages. The compensation that you may receive will most likely cover your past and future lost wages, hospital fee, medicine costs, and pain and suffering.

September 11, 2012

Motorcycle User Hazards: The Causes of Rider Injuries and Deaths

Motorcycle User Hazards: The Causes of Rider Injuries and Deaths

The rate of motorcycle users all over the world is currently rising. Most analysts refer to this as the result of the continuous fuel price increases. Most people wanted to shift to a cost efficient way of transportation. This is the reason why car owners are now opting to ride motorcycles rather than their previous vehicles. On the other hand, the high rate of motorcycle riders is also blamed for the numerous accidents, which take place in the country these days.

Accordingly, the National Highway traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) affirms that motorcycle riders are often involved in road accidents through its Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

According to the report, there were 4,462 traffic fatalities in the U.S. just in 2009. Apparently, there are numerous factors that specialists attribute to the increase in the rate of motorcycle mishaps. These include the following:

·         Less body protection – In contrast with cars, motorcycles do not thoroughly protect the body of its drivers from collisions. The riders only rely on their frail body gears for safety. If a rider was thrown off the vehicle by the impact of the crash, the chance of survival would be lesser, unlike with cars that have seatbelts and airbags.

·         Low visibility – Riders often wear dark clothing as fashion statements; an act that places them in unnecessary risks, since many motorists may not see them at night. Motorcycles are also far lighter than other vehicles, and the impact of the crash would inflict more harm on riders.

·         Needs more balancing – Unlike cars, the motorcycle only has two wheels. This means that once a rider fails to balance the vehicle, the risk of falling is great.  Such incident may lead to grave injuries, or even death.

As it is, motorcycle riders are greatly probable of getting into mishaps. Therefore, it is imperative to advise them on the necessary things to do once an accident happens. As a suggestion, they may look for a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer if they are residing in California. This person is adept in the practical details of the litigation process. Accordingly, he or she and could even explain the important terms of the case under personal injury.

September 05, 2012

Spinal Cord Injury: Hindering People from Fulfilling Life Activities

People normally experience occasional injury. On the other hand, if this injury is amplified to a certain degree, then it might hinder that person from fulfilling certain life activities. This impediment thus affects the victim not only physically but also emotionally. Stating all of these adverse effects, vehicle accidents come to mind. 

Meanwhile, one of the places where vehicle accidents are prevalent includes the State of California. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were some 2,715 traffic fatalities in the area in 2010.  Therefore, there is a great possibility that those who survived the crashes had sustained grievous injuries. 

One of this is the spinal cord injury (SCI). SCI’s are defined as the result of trauma where the nerve roots of the spinal cord are often severed and the part below the injury is affected that would in the end lead to the paralysis of the victim.

In addition, the spine may have fractures and it may be crushed or dislocated due to the impact of the mishap. This ends in the impediment of the movements of the patients. Consequently, they may be frustrated and depressed as a result of these. 

Additionally, SCI’s are considered by many medical specialists as a “traitor ailment” because once left undiagnosed, the SCI can aggravate the condition of the victim. Some patients who knew of their condition quite late were completely paralyzed. If left untreated for a long time, certain patients even suffer vegetative coma.