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September 22, 2012

Things to Always Keep Handy in Your Car

Things to Always Keep Handy in Your Car

It is a given fact that at any point during your trip, your car could suddenly break down.

According to the Automobile Association of America (AAA), the largest emergency roadside assistance organization in the U.S., some 29 to 30 million roadside emergencies occur every year. While 3 of 5 assistance calls are fixed by the AAA without any tow help, others are quite difficult, especially when help is not nearby.

As such, the chances of receiving aid after a car breakdown would always vary, depending on the location and the condition of the road and the weather outside. To avoid such inconvenience, it would be best if you are prepared, regardless whether the trip is a long or short one. By being prepared would mean having an emergency road kit and keeping it always inside your car.

Here are some things that should always be kept handy inside your car in case of emergency:

·         Food. Having food can energize you in case of emergency. The best type of food items that can be stored inside the car are those that are non-perishable and are packaged individually. Ideally, store candies, soda, or chocolate bars as these can provide instant energy due to their sugar content.

·         Water. You can bring water with you during trips, but storing it in your car for a long time can be a source of concern. Accordingly, you can change the contents of your water bottles semi-annually or quarterly.

·         Clothing. Surviving the elements, especially when stuck on the side of the road, always calls for the need for extra clothing. A shirt and a pair of sweatpants would suffice.

·         Jumper cables. Dead batteries are among of the many reasons why drivers are stuck on the road. To alleviate such cases, having jumper cables would be enough to revive the car battery.

·         Additional car tools. In case of a flat tire, a spare one must be placed at the trunk. Also, having a jack and set of wrenches would help in case you need to change a flat tire.

Accordingly, expert litigators such as the Los Angeles car accident attorney recognize the importance of being prepared while driving. These and all other items that should be put inside the car would be helpful in case of an emergency, whether it is an accident or an emergency beside the road.