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September 28, 2012

Tips for Motorists Driving on Rainy Weather

People always tend to ignore the weather conditions whenever they drive. They forget to realize that these are actually among the elements that lead to accidents. A bad road condition due to slimy mud, fog, or strong winds are more than enough to confuse any driver.

One of the most common of all weather conditions is when it is raining hard. It creates a slippery path and dimly lit surroundings, which might block the view of the road of any driver.

To aid motorists in preventing the occurrence of mishaps, here are some tips from, which you could use while on the road:

·         Replace old and brittle wipers;

·         Do not drive when there is a thunderstorm since the flashes of lightning can inflict temporary blindness or confusion;

·         Avoid using the brakes and always take your foot off the accelerator;

·         Turn the headlights on to make most areas visible. These lights will not only guide the motorist while driving but will let other drivers see your vehicle;

·         Slow down when driving—the road might be slippery and you might not know when the vehicle would go out of control;

·         Stay inside the center lanes since water tends to accumulate at the outside lanes;

·         Increase the distance in slippery roads;

·         Drive along the tracks of the car that is in front;

·         Never drive close to large vehicles such as trucks or busses. The spray they create while moving might blur your vision. When passing them by, make sure that you do it as quickly and as safely as possible;

·         Be more alert and watch out for brake lights.

Check the main controls that should be handled gently when driving under rainy conditions. These include the following:

·         Clutch

·         Brake

·         Steering

·         Accelerator

Make sure that the soles of the foot of the driver are not slippery since it could be the one liable for the accident. It is best to have rubber carpeting or matting inside the vehicle. It is also advised to check the headlights, brake lights, and taillights as well as turn signals.

However, when an accident had already taken place, it is vital to get the help of a vehicle accident lawyer and prove who really was liable for the event.