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October 04, 2012

Accidents Classified Under Wrongful Death

Accidents Classified Under Wrongful DeathIt could be utterly unimaginable for some people to lose a loved one to an accident. Others may feel anger or hatred towards the person, organization, company or entity that they think is responsible for the event. On the other hand, such feeling is perfectly justifiable, and the surviving relatives of the decedent could even file for a complaint under the wrongful death category in court. 

Wrongful death is legally defined as the act of taking the life of a person brought by the negligence of another. Relatives can ask people to assist them during the different processes involved in litigation. Most probably, the case occurred in highly populated areas with a lot of road activities. If the case happened in California, the decedent’s relatives may hire the services of a brilliant Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who possesses in-depth knowledge regarding such premises. 

By filing complaints, the family of the deceased could recover damages awards. These damages awards can come in the form of monetary payments, which the family could use to fund their future endeavors. Such can be useful, especially if the one who died was the breadwinner of the family. It is not fair if the surviving relatives were left to fend for themselves because of an accident, which someone else had caused.

Through a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, members of the family could be fully informed of the possible accident categories that can be classified under wrongful death. A lawyer’s explanation includes the following:

·         Road accidents – Any form of mishap along the road, which may include car crashes, motorcycle mishaps or truck collisions. 

·         Boating mishaps – These are accidents that happen between watercrafts such as boats, ships and jet skis that resulted to deaths. 

·         Medical malpractice – If a loved one’s health condition had worsened and he or she later died due to the negligence of the hospital staff or doctors, the surviving family members may file for a wrongful death claim. 

·         Defective drugs – The deceased may have ingested a defective drug; if this is the case, it is then validly classified as wrongful death.