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October 10, 2012

Dog Bites: One of the Leading Causes of Personal Injury

Dog Bites: One of the Leading Causes of Personal InjuryDog bites are among the leading causes of personal injury in the United States these days. Consequently, more and more Americans fall victim to this mishap, which is most of the time caused by the negligence of some dog owners.

According to the records of the website, there were about 1,000 Americans who needed emergency treatment after they were bitten by such animals. has documented numerous cases of dog attacks on humans for public reference. They also warn irresponsible dog owners of the consequences of neglect. In addition, the website presented the following information, which encapsulates the facts of dog bites through 1982 until 2010:

·         The dog attacks that bring bodily harm is of 80 percent
·         The dog attacks on children is about 70 percent
·         The dog attacks on adults are around 83 percent
·         The dog attacks which result in fatalities are about 69 percent
·         The dog attacks which result in maiming is around 75 percent

Any victim may file charges against the owner of the animal and if this so happens, then the case is classified under personal injury. The law prescribes that a person is held responsible for the mental, physical, and emotional damages if he or she acted hastily in an event where due care was needed. 

The family or the victim of the mauling incident is advised to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles if the mishap occurred in California, which is highly likely. This is since the rate dog bites is quite high in the area based on recent news reports. 

Neglecting animals will surely cause aggression, which is the display of violent behavior. If a dog is not fed well or petted by its owner, then there is a greater chance that the animal would lately bite a human being out of unfamiliarity. Based on research a dog that is left untrained would very likely display hostility against humans. It is due to their instinct to protect themselves if they feel threatened by the behavior of those around them.

Treatment for dog bites is usually expensive and sometimes the wound marks tend to scar because of the dog’s jagged teeth. It would be advisable to ask for the monetary assistance of the owner of the animal through a lawsuit in order to pay for the rehabilitation or the medication of the injury.