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October 22, 2012

Personal Injuries in California

Many readers may read articles regarding personal injury cases filed in the State of California. However, some of them may not have the slightest clue to what they are. 

Simply put, personal injury is defined as the damage that done to a person’s body, mind, or emotions. This is the common complaint filed against those who are liable in car crashes, truck collisions, and even in boat accidents. 

In addition, there are actually more categories to which personal injury cases are divided. These include:

·         Slip and fall — Founded on proving that the owner of the establishment had prior knowledge of an impending slip or fall hazard within his or her property but failed to address it. When such negligence led to the injury of the victim, it could be categorized as a slip and fall. According to most lawyers, this is the hardest one to prove.

·         Animal attack — The primary reason for this kind of accident is the negligence of the animal owner. When a pet is left untrained, it becomes aggressive and may display a violent attitude towards people. The gravity of the injuries sustained in this kind is almost always severe even though animal attacks are not that common. Accordingly, the victim must seek immediate medical attention since the bite may contain some viral or bacterial infections.

·         Vehicle accidents — The most common form of personal injury caused by crashes, collisions, and road mishaps of motor vehicles be it in land or above the water.

·        Product liability — Occurs when the product has failed to meet the standards of the customer. This can be more noticeable if the said product had caused injury to the person who uses it. According to the law, the extent of the liability will be on the seller of the product no matter who really caused the accident. 

·         Medical malpractice — This type requires thorough investigation since the field of medicine is quite sensitive. The physician should be proven liable, while the extent of the damage may include the aggravation of the health of the client or  the cause of death.