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October 22, 2012

Personal Injuries in California

Many readers may read articles regarding personal injury cases filed in the State of California. However, some of them may not have the slightest clue to what they are. 

Simply put, personal injury is defined as the damage that done to a person’s body, mind, or emotions. This is the common complaint filed against those who are liable in car crashes, truck collisions, and even in boat accidents. 

In addition, there are actually more categories to which personal injury cases are divided. These include:

October 18, 2012

Dissecting Known Outside Distractions of Drivers

Distracted driving is considered one of the growing pains of drivers in the United States. Recent studies showed that nearly 10 percent of all fatal crashes were partly due to drivers who were not focused behind the wheel. Such drivers may be distracted, asleep or fatigued, if not “lost in thought.”

According to the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, nearly 284,000 drivers involved in traffic crashes every year were distracted. In the said study, the researchers also found that 29 percent of the time, a driver is likely to get distracted by something or someone outside of the car. Age is one factor why outside distractions dominate over other kinds of distracted driving.

October 15, 2012

Safety Tips and Devices to Prevent Propeller Strike Accidents

Safety Tips and Devices to Prevent Propeller Strike Accidents

Proper boat operation and management is crucial in maintaining safety of everyone – passengers and operators alike. As it is, a boat is not something that should be taken with little consideration. Otherwise, a boating and/or drowning accident may follow. It is then where Los Angeles injury attorneys specializing in drowning accidents come in.

Meanwhile, despite the minimal statistics indicating the extent and frequency of propeller strike-related accident made available to the public, people should not belittle its capacity to injure. In fact, a man was reported to be seriously injured while he was tubing. Apparently, his leg was struck by the propeller of the boat that was pulling him.

Propeller facts

October 10, 2012

Dog Bites: One of the Leading Causes of Personal Injury

Dog Bites: One of the Leading Causes of Personal InjuryDog bites are among the leading causes of personal injury in the United States these days. Consequently, more and more Americans fall victim to this mishap, which is most of the time caused by the negligence of some dog owners.

According to the records of the website, there were about 1,000 Americans who needed emergency treatment after they were bitten by such animals. has documented numerous cases of dog attacks on humans for public reference. They also warn irresponsible dog owners of the consequences of neglect. In addition, the website presented the following information, which encapsulates the facts of dog bites through 1982 until 2010:

October 04, 2012

Accidents Classified Under Wrongful Death

Accidents Classified Under Wrongful DeathIt could be utterly unimaginable for some people to lose a loved one to an accident. Others may feel anger or hatred towards the person, organization, company or entity that they think is responsible for the event. On the other hand, such feeling is perfectly justifiable, and the surviving relatives of the decedent could even file for a complaint under the wrongful death category in court. 

Wrongful death is legally defined as the act of taking the life of a person brought by the negligence of another. Relatives can ask people to assist them during the different processes involved in litigation. Most probably, the case occurred in highly populated areas with a lot of road activities. If the case happened in California, the decedent’s relatives may hire the services of a brilliant Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who possesses in-depth knowledge regarding such premises.