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September 02, 2013

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool: An Effective Tool To Address Safety of Bicyclists on the Road

An Effective Tool To Address Safety of Bicyclists on the Road

Bicycle crashes have been happening left and right over the years. According to data gathered in 2004. 725 bicyclists got involved and killed in traffic accidents. This means that 12 percent of all the recorded traffic fatalities in the United States were bicyclists. Moreover, 41,000 biker-riding people were injured because of the said accidents. Because of this, more and more ways are being made to study and come up with ways to lessen and stop these from happening.

The Birth of PBCAT
The classification of bicycle crash types is needed on a way. This helps stakeholders to help prevent these accidents from happening. And so, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) was made. The Federal Highway Association (FHWA) came up with this software application is designed to assist local and State pedestrian and bicycle coordinators, planners, and engineers in addressing bicycle crash problems. Through the PBCAT, users can create a database of details that are connected with car crashes involving motor vehicles and pedestrians or bicycle riders. This tool helps analyze the recovered data to come up with reports that guides stakeholders to pick the appropriate countermeasures that resolves the problems encountered that causes bike accidents.

What does the PBCAT has?
This user-friendly software now packs some enhancements that make it better than other online tools.

-          An improved, more user-friendly environment and navigation. This now operates in the Microsoft Windows environment making it easier to use with pull down menus and windows
-          A new form designer that helps its users customize forms where crash data are inputted. It matches the police crash reports that are being utilized in their respective communities.
-          New, group crash typing that helps users who do not want to enter the same level of detail as in the older PBCAT version 1.0.
-          Location data that gives users the option to record specific location information.
-          The new tool now lets users make crash reports that are published as Microsoft Excel file that can be used for further customization and graphics production.
-          More detailed descriptions of engineering, education, and enforcement countermeasures.
-          New expert system tools can be used including a web-based Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (PEDSAFE) as well as the Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System (BIKESAFE)
-          Importing and exporting capabilities. This new software lets you import and export data to and from the PBCAT version 2.0 in new different formats that aids in better analyses with other applications.

A Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney believes that this new tool will definitely benefits the pedestrians and bikers as it will be critical in assessing situations and coming up with new countermeasures to prevent accidents from happening again. That is why a Los Angeles lawyer urges local stake holders to take advantage of this new tool and harness its capabilities.

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