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March 18, 2013

Preventing Auto Accidents Through the Use of Technology

Preventing Auto Accidents Through the Use of Technology

Driver’s role in car accidents

Car accidents are common on California roads. Every year, thousands of auto mishaps are recorded by the Department of Transportation through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) group. Further studies on these figures, these agencies found out that most auto accidents are caused by driver error.

Driver error is the failure of the vehicle operator to react accordingly to various situations on the road, causing various road accidents. Driver error is caused by a lot of factors. Top reasons for driver error are driver distraction, inexperience in emergency situations, and substance abuse. As carmakers learned about these accidents, they took it upon themselves to come up with new safety features that aim to lessen, if not completely prevent these kinds of accidents.

Crash Avoidance Technologies

Carmakers are coming up with new technologies every now and then to ensure that vehicles are safer and it can help lessen, if not completely avoid car accidents from happening. Through the use of sensors and advanced control modules, these systems warn or aid the driver to prevent accidents from happening. Here are some of the new technologies applied on cars of today:

·         Electronic Stability Control. This technology uses sensors on the wheels that detect slippage. The system then applies the brakes and drive force to the right wheels to help the driver prevent the vehicle from spinning.
·         Lane Departure Warning System. This technology uses sensors that detect the lane markings on the road and consequently alerts the driver if he or she is drifting off the right lane.
·         Forward Collision Warning System. This uses sensors on the vehicle’s front end that detects vehicles or objects ahead of the vehicle and alerts the driver to prevent collisions. In some of its implementation, it even comes with braking assistance that automatically applies the brakes to prevent the vehicle from crashing into something.

Best tool against auto accidents

Crash avoidance technologies are there to help warn drivers of impending dangers and aid them in preventing it. However, as one Los Angeles auto accident attorney pointed out, nothing replaces a driver’s alertness and judgment in preventing accidents that cause damage to property, injuries and the loss of lives.

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