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March 25, 2013

Slip and Fall Case Woes: Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster

Slip and Fall Case Woes: Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster
Suffering an injury because of a slip and fall inside a commercial property entitles you for monetary compensation for the damages you incurred because of the accident. To prove this, you must have established a slip and fall case that would put the property owner liable for what happened to you. However, dealing with your claim is very difficult, especially if you are up against the insurance adjuster.

Getting involved in a slip and fall accident increases your chances of the insurance adjuster doing whatever it takes to take the liability off the property owner. It won’t matter for the insurance company, regardless of the circumstances of the accident. What it will do is construct an argument saying that your carelessness—not the carelessness of the property owner—caused your injuries.

The reluctant disposition of most insurance adjusters is due to their thinking that such cases are bound to be dismissed in court. While such cases may still proceed through in court, it would be a rarity for the jury to place the liability on the defendant (the property owner). That is unless the victims’ injuries are deemed severe.

As such, for you to avoid dealing with the insurance provider’s possibility of removing the blame on the insured defendant, then there are two important things that you need to show in your claim. First is the police report. If there is a mere mention that there was indeed a hazard at the time of the accident, then it is a must that you show it to the adjuster.

Second is the photographic evidence. It must show the area in the property where you suffered injuries, which would help convince the insurance adjuster that what happened to you is not really your fault. With these two important pieces at hand, your insurance adjuster might settle your case out of court.

Accordingly, it would then be best for you to hire a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer. Since dealing with your claim alone won’t produce a significant result, having a legal representative with you would change all of that.

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