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December 13, 2011

Four Steps to Do When Preserving a Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

Four Steps to Do When Preserving a Personal Injury Claim in Los Angeles

Personal injury victims should make sure that they do all necessary measures to preserve their potential claim. It is imperative for accident victims to secure their claim against the person or group of people who caused their injuries.

How to Preserve Personal Injury Claims?

If you believe that you have a possible personal injury claim, you must make sure to preserve it. The following are suggested tips by experienced Los Angeles attorneys:

1. Keep potential pieces of evidence

Presentation of evidence is vital for any type of personal injury claim; hence, it is highly suggested to preserve possible articles of evidence. You may do this by keeping and securing medical records, insurance documents, as well as photographs of the accident scene.

2. Consult with a personal injury attorney

Injury victims should contact a skilled lawyer who can efficiently handle the claim. There are numerous attorneys in Los Angeles that offer free consultation; you may want to take this type of pro bono service. It is important to consult a lawyer first before asserting the claim in order to avoid compromising your case.

3. Assert the claim promptly

Never wait for months or years before filing the claim. In California, the statute of limitation is only two years. Hence, if the victim asserts his claim more than two years after the discovery of injury, more likely the claim will be denied.

4. Do not deal with insurance companies on your own

It is not a good idea to sign agreements with insurance companies on your own; otherwise, you may obtain insufficient amount of payments. Make sure to consult the settlement agreement first with your personal injury attorney to avoid becoming a victim of the trickery of certain insurance providers.

It is essential to preserve your possible personal injury claim; otherwise, you will not get the amount of compensations you truly deserve.