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August 01, 2013

Trash Truck Runs Over, Kills Los Angeles 87-year-old Woman

Truck accidents and mishaps involving big, powerful vehicles are commonly reported in the State of California as well as in different parts of the country. That is because there are certain instances when driving these behemoths are quite tricky. That is why for those people who are driving these vehicles, it is important to make sure that they have the experience, the training, or are qualified to operate those dangerous vehicles.

Importance of driver’s license classes

Ever wonder what the field “class” on your driver’s license means? Basically, this pertains to the restrictions in as far as the type of vehicle that one driver is allowed to operate. By limiting the type of vehicle that a driver can use, traffic safety is improved as it ensures that a particular motorist has the training and experience to handle the vehicle he or she is driving.

Driver error as the leading cause of accidents

For a number of years now, it has been documented that driver error is the leading cause of motor vehicle accident. That is why it is important that drivers of trucks, or other heavy equipment should have the training and experience to do so, else they could be a rolling accident waiting to happen.

Example of driver error gone really wrong

Just lately, one 87-year-old woman was killed in Los Angeles after she has been hit by a garbage truck collector. According to reports, the woman was just standing at the intersection of Broadway and Avenue 22 when the city trash truck hit her. Investigations further revealed that the driver of the truck was not aware of what happened until somebody else has flagged him down. This is a perfect example of driver error. As a driver, you should be aware of what is happening to your surroundings and be able to avoid road hazards around you. Unfortunately, the driver failed to do all of those and that caused the demise of the poor, old lady.

Going after erroneous, careless drivers

Various agencies of the government are working hand-in-hand to free the roads with these maniacs on wheels. However, it is also up to people to be a bit more cautious and careful to prevent things from happening. A Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer tells the victims of such accidents to immediately seek medical attention and gather as much piece of evidence that they could. This way, a personal injury or wrongful death case can be immediately filed. That would help victims get justice from such horrific experiences. Reach and ask for the experience of a Los Angeles attorney to help you get after and hold those people accountable for their negligence.

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