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July 25, 2013

Falling Tree Accident Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

Falling Tree Accident Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

Spending time outdoors is a thrilling and exciting experience as it allows you to revisit your connection with nature. It gives you a liberating feeling that you won’t get anywhere else. Given the number of great nature parks in the United States, it is easy to understand why Americans love camping. It is in fact one of the leading activities that American families do during holidays. However, the great outdoors have its dangers as well.

A regular camping trip gone wrong

One summer camp counselor, who knows nature parks better than anybody else, died. At the same time, four others got injured as one tree fell onto a campfire circle just outside the Yosemite National Park. According to reports, a 3- to 4-foot-wide oak tree suddenly came falling into a bench and campfire, just outside the dining hall at Camp Tawonga.

Finding out what really happened

According to a Los Angeles premise liability lawyer, it is important that authorities determine why the tree fell. This way, it could be determined if the tree fell because of unavoidable reasons or if the keepers of the park’s negligence actually caused the unfortunate accident. This could have the keepers of the park liable for the said accident and pay damages to the killed camp counselor and the injured campers in the park. Also, this could help the administrators of the park come up with the necessary actions to prevent such accidents from ever happening again. Moreover, this would pave the way for better readiness for the same people to be able to respond to such accidents.

An opportunity to revisit camping hazards

More than preserving nature’s treasures, this accident is an eye-opener to park keepers on the importance of putting the safety of the campers on top of their priorities. Accidents are things that are very difficult to prevent. However, prioritizing the safety of everybody should be the main concern of authorities to keep people from getting hurt. A Los Angeles attorney reminds everyone that fun should never outweigh the importance of safety for park goers and accountability for park keepers. By doing routine checks and proper maintenance of facilities, or parks in this case, is the most important tool against accidents.

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