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July 01, 2013

Labor Protests, NBA-style

Labor Protests, NBA-style

In the workplace, business owners have the right to protect their investments from falling apart. That is why whenever companies suffer from losses, it is expected that the management will then perform cost-cutting measures to minimize losses and maximize the company’s earning to push the firm back into profitability. However, there’s a great tendency that cost-cutting measures will affect employees wages and benefits.
This is the reason why workers unions are made. These groups ensure that workers are protected from any kinds of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. One of fruits of workers’ unions is the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). In such pacts, employers and employees agree on certain terms and conditions in the workplace,

2011 NBA lockout
During the off-season, the player and the NBA teams had a misunderstanding that led to a major rift between the teams and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). After talks have failed, the lockout of the league started on July 1, 2011 and lasted for 161 days. The lockout has caused the shortening of the games, the cancellation of a lot of games. After a few months of negotiation, the NBPA was later on dissolved and was later on converted into a trade organization. After cases has been filed, both parties had agreed to a settlement that re-forms the NBPA, the age limit for the NBA Draft and rules for players’ sending and recalling from the D-League and a new CBA.

New NBPA and Team Owners’ CBA
Under the new CBA, the players would be receiving 51.2% of Basketball-Related Income (BRI) in the 2011-2012 season. Teams will now be allowed a one-time amnesty exemption in waiving one player and remove him from the salary cap of the team. The player could be claimed off waivers by the highest bidder, and the waiving team would be responsible for the remaining salary, not counting it in the team’s cap. A player whose rookie contract is ending could be re-signed at up to 30-percent of his team’s salary cap, a 5-percent increase from before. Maximum salary for a player remains at 25, 30, or 35-percent of the salary cap that depends on the years of service of the player.

A Los Angeles labor lawyer relates this issue with the NBA to the battle that common workers are facing. In these times of uncertainty in the American economy, workers are easy prey for the schemes of some companies. In any event that an employee feels that he is being taken advantage of, the worker must immediately seek the help of a good Los angeles lawyer to help him or her file the necessary charges and fight the huge battle against companies to ensure that their rights are preserved and that justice is served.

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