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June 24, 2013

Unusual Ways To Die

Whenever you watch the daily news, you get to watch reports about people dying due to a lot of reasons. Accidents, sickness, and crimes are just some of the most common reasons mentioned on TV. However, did you know that there were people who have lost their lives in unconventional ways? Here is a list of those unusual deaths this part 10 years.

-          An unpleasant guest on board. A Filair L-410 Turbolet flight had a deadly crash in 2010 near Bandundu, in Congo. Did you know what the reason why the crash happened? One crocodile that is being smuggled by one of the passengers managed to free itself from a sports bag causing panic on deck. Frightened passengers ran towards the flightdeck, causing imbalance in the plane’s weight distribution. This caused the crash that killed 20 crew and passengers from the flight. Only one passenger and the smuggled crocodile survived.

-          A “cocky” suspect. In 2011, a cockfight spectator, Jose Luis Ochoa from Tulare County, California was killed after he was stabbed in the leg. The suspect for his death? The knife that was attached to the limb of the birds that were fighting in the event.

-          A kicking, explosive end. In 2012, 28-year-old Veterinarian Erica Marshall dies after a deadly explosion in a barn. According to authorities, Marshall was treating a horse in a barn in Ocala, Florida when the horse inside a hyperbaric chamber kicked the wall. This released a spark that triggered the explosion that killed her.

-          A bad fall. A disabled 55-year-old Shirley Perkins was killed after her head was trapped in her stair lift. She toppled backwards down the stairs before her head got wedged between the wall and the metal rung of the electric seat.

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