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June 10, 2013

How To Shield Your Kids From Birth Injuries

 People say that having a child is one of the greatest gifts of God to loving couples. Through their children, husbands and wives get the chance to have their families complete. That is why expecting parents do a lot of things to help ensure that their kid will be brought to this earth.

The many preparations expecting parents do
The first trimester of pregnancy is one of the most critical periods for the development of infants. During these times, extensive tests and medications (mostly to improve the health of the unborn child) are done to ensure that your kid will be able to survive the next stages of development. During the second trimester, the mother boosts her nutrition by eating healthy food and taking vitamins to make herself, and in turn the kid on her tummy, healthier and stronger as he or she faces the final stage of development. In the third and final trimester of the baby, the final stages of development happens and here, the mother needs the best care to ensure that the kid will survive this difficult stage and will be born healthy.

When birth injuries strike.
Giving birth is one of the most dangerous experiences for mothers. Because of this, in the past 9 months of pregnancy, the parents are doing everything that they can to ensure the worry-free delivery of their child. However, there are medical practitioners that fail to deliver the standard of care that is expected of them during the delivery. These acts of medical malpractice can have children injured during birth. These injuries can have kids permanently disabled or worse, dead.
According to the 2007 CIA World Fact Book, hospitals in the US are among the most dangerous of any developed nation to give birth in. The infant mortality rate in the US is 6.37 per 1,000 live births.

Causes of birth injuries
One of the major reasons for birth injuries is the feeling of U.S. doctors to interfere with childbirth to help relieve pain or speed up the process. The shortage of hospital staff makes the situation worse. Human interference works against natural processes like forcing a woman to lie paralyzed on their back during labor also make things worse for child-bearing moms in the US.

Seeking justice for birth injuries
Imagine the pain of parents who have invested much just to bring their baby into this earth healthy. If you have been a victim of such experience, you must not forget to hire a birth injury attorney in California and file a complaint against the medical practitioners. A Los Angeles lawyer reminds parents that they should know what they should do in cases things like these happen. In the end, making informed choices and choosing natural processes more than artificial ones help ensure the avoidance of birth injuries for your kids. You do not only get to experience how giving birth should be, helping you appreciate childbirth better.