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May 30, 2013

Enjoying Your Favorite Sporting Event Minus the Hassles

Almost every individual has a sport that they follow and play. Other than very popular ones like basketball, tennis, soccer, and football, softball is also one of those that Americans love. It is one of the leading sporting events that are being followed. This is also one of the more popular events played in schools.

Athletes playing softball use safety gears to help prevent injuries while playing the sport. First, a player should wear a helmet. These helmets have ear flaps on each side. Batters and runners are usually the ones that wear these. This will prevent the ball from hitting your face or head. There are also optional throat protectors, shin guards, and body protectors that help keep players from getting hurt while playing the sport.

However, softball really does not have stringent rules with the players wearing safety equipment. That is why not all players wear these protective gears when they are playing. Most of the time, players opt not to wear these as they claim that these make them uncomfortable, preventing them from reaching their full potential in the game. However, what these athletes fail to realize is that they really should equip themselves with these items as it would help keep them from injuries.

Accidents happen while playing the sport and when it does, it leaves athletes injured and though quite rare, dead. Such is what happened to a male student in a San Diego County school. Taylor Dorman, a 16-year-old Ramona High School student died while playing “over-the-line” in his physical education class. According to reports, Dorman was struck on the chest and have been said to be cracking a few jokes. Around 20 minutes later though, he collapsed and was then airlifted to the Palomar Medical Center. Doctors of the hospital said that the accident has caused Dorman to have irregular heartbeat. Despite the many efforts done to stabilize his condition, Dorman was later on pronounced dead.

When such accidents do happen, you can go and hire a personal injury law firm Los Angeles or any other states as there are personal injury laws that allow you to file for claims for any injury or cases of death of a loved one. However incidents such as these are a perfect reminder of the importance of wearing safety equipment and playing with caution. These would keep you safe from accidents and will let you enjoy the sport better. So go on and play on. Just make sure that you do everything that you need to do to protect yourself at all times. 

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