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May 01, 2013

The Department of Transportation Heeds to Calls to Investigate Kensington Expressway Multi-Car Collision Incident


Freeways and highways are a real haven for many motorists. People use these main thoroughfares to be able to drive their vehicles and bring them up to speed so that they can get into places where they want to go faster. These have a great number of lanes that accommodates more vehicles and allows for high-speed driving. However, highways and freeways are also home to great accidents.

Because vehicles passing by these roadways are running faster, the possibility of accidents happening are higher. Furthermore, accidents on highways are most of the time of a bigger scale, leading to serious injuries or the death of those involved. That is why these busy roads are always maintained properly to keep it safe for all of the people using it.

That is why the Department of Transportation has conducted an investigation as to why a conduit fell on the Kensington Expressway one night. According to reports, the incident happened at around 8 in the evening while maintenance crews were replacing a deck on the East Delavan Avenue Bridge that crosses the expressway.

One conduit that is attached to the bridge carrying telephone lines got disconnected and eventually fell to the road. While there were no recorded injuries, the fallen conduit caused a multi-vehicle collision causing extensive damage to property. The incident also prompted highway officials to close part of the expressway’s both directions for an hour and a half.

The highway management awarded the deck replacement program contract to a certain construction company. The contractor is set to replace the deck on the East Delavan Avenue Bridge as the ones in Deerfield Avenue, Hospital Drive, and Union Road/Route 277, all crossing the expressway. Work for the said tasks is scheduled at night to minimize its impact to the commuters. At one night while the repairs are taking place, a part of the conduit attached to the bridge that holds telephone lines suddenly fell that led to a multi-car accident.

A Los Angeles auto accident attorney believes that the Department of Transportation should get into the bottom of this incident and hold the people responsible accountable for their negligence. While there were no injuries or deaths because of the accident, he believes that people involved in such repairs should exercise extra caution and make sure that the safety of road users are on top of their priorities. True enough, the citizens should be spared from such glitches so no damage to property, injuries, or loss of lives would happen.

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