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May 14, 2013

12-man Jury Set to Decide on Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Case

After almost 4 years, it seems that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s wrongful death case will finally get the resolution it needs. Last June of 2009, Jackson died at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles. There were attempts to revive him but his physician, Conrad Murray was unsuccessful in doing so. Efforts to resuscitate him continued for the next hour until he was pronounced dead at the Ronal Raegan UCLA Medical Center.

Involuntary Manslaughter case against Conrad Murray
It can be remembered that cardiologist Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after administering heavy anesthetic propofol in extreme dosage that caused the artist’s untimely death. Murray earlier have appealed his conviction, arguing that there were multiple legal errors that were committed during the trial.

Wrongful Death case against AEG Live
AEG Live, the concert promoter responsible for the world tour that Michael Jackson was about to do was also sued by Michael’s mom, Katherine Jackson. Katherine alleged that AEG Live negligently hired Murray to care for Michael. On the other hand, AEG argued that Michael had a prior addiction to prescription drugs before they started dealing with the King of Pop for his comeback world concert tour. Furthermore, AEG said that Murray was one of the many doctors that have treated Michael in the past. The concert promoter also denied allegations that they contracted Murray to take care of Michael.

Closer to resolution
The wrongful death case against AEG Live and Murray may finally be resolved after almost 4 years. According to reports, a six-man, six-woman jury to handle the trial for the case was finally selected. The trial will begin one week after the jury’s selection. This, hopefully will be the final episode in this battle to uncover the truth in Michael’s death. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer said that the creation of this team will finally shed light to the real cause of the King of Pop’s death and will determine who should be really blamed for this incident. He said that the resolution of this case will be a victory not just for the Jackson family, but for the millions of Michael’s fans.

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