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July 05, 2013

Young Boy Dies After Falling Off An Independence Day Parade Float

The Independence Day celebrations are definitely for merry making. Every Fourth of July, Americans from different states are coming up with special preparations to celebrate this very important day in American history. Communities and various groups have been working quite hard to make sure that their celebrations do stand out. However, there are times when preparations fail and accidents happen.

Sad end to a fun event

The people from Edmond, Oklahoma have once again dressed up their vehicles and converted these into floats to hold their annual Fourth of July parade. The floats had eye-catching designs showing the locals’ love for the country. One of the floats boasted a martial arts theme that was filled with hay and decorated by small, patriotic garland along its edges. This very float is the talk of the town as an 8-year-old boy was killed after being run over by the same float. The boy was said to be riding the trailer that was being towed by a truck driven by the kid’s father. However, the kid either fell or jumped off the trailer and that has caused the accident.

When the kid’s father realized what had happened, he stopped the truck and rushed out of it to check on his son. He later had a nurse to attend and give CPR to the kid. However, the kid was pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital. Authorities are still finalizing the investigation to determine what the real cause of the accident is. This is just one of the several Independence Day celebration accidents recorded.

In Bangor, Maine, a man died instantly after a vintage fire truck hit his green tractor from behind. Both of the vehicles were said to be part of the Bangor-Brewer Fourth of July parade, where more than a thousand participants were watched by over 30,000 spectators.

Keeping parades safe

Investigators are still trying to find out what caused the accident that had the tractor driver killed. A Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer explained the importance of these investigations so that the people liable for those accidents could be identified. This will help the loved ones of the victims come up with the necessary complaints to seek justice for the death of their beloved family members. This Los Angeles attorney said that safety should be on top of the consideration by these events’ organizers and participants.

This is such a bad news in such a cheerful day. If participants would start designing accident-proof floats and organizers will carefully plan the show’s route and coming up with contingency measures, accidents such as these could be avoided and lives could be spared from the potential dangers in such events. May these be the last casualties and injuries caused by such events.

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