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July 12, 2013

Safety Tips to Protect Your Cats and Dogs This Summer

People aren’t the only ones who enjoy the summer season; pet cats and dogs do, too. Since a lot of people are taking advantage of school breaks and vacation leaves from work, it is expected that they would be spending a lot more time with their canines and felines, especially when they go outdoors. However, people owning pets must realize the risks that come with keeping up with their animal companions, especially in this warm weather.

Before you let your pet cat or dog free outdoors under the summer sun, it is important that you keep in mind these safety tips:

·         Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites breed more under warm weather, and this is bad news for cats and dogs. To solve this, you may consult with your vet to know the best product for parasite prevention.

·         Before you bring your cat or dog outdoors, you must make sure it has been vaccinated to protect it from diseases that may affect your pet. Other pets such as rodents (e.g. hamsters), reptiles (e.g. snakes), and horses must also be given the necessary veterinary care.

·         Since the summer heat may surely make you thirsty, don’t forget to provide your pet cat or dog some water to drink, too. Most pet owners fail to provide enough water, especially during this season. Even when indoors, pets need more water, so it is a must that you a container filled with water is ready by your pet’s side. When you take it outdoors, have bottles of water and a bowl ready.

·         If you don’t have an air-conditioning unit, always have your fan ready to keep the air moving and keep your cat cool. Also, it is important that you wipe it down with the use of an icepack a lot of times in a day.

·         Sunscreens are not only for people, but for pets, too, because they can suffer burns especially when outside. If you have a dog, you must apply sunscreen on its nose and ear tips; these are areas that are most likely to burn.

·         Always keep a watchful eye on your pets, especially when they are free to roam around your house or while you are outdoors.

These helpful tips will make you and your dog, cat or any pet’s summer experience worthwhile. On a similar note, pet owners must also be vigilant when it comes to handling them, especially that the summer heat may cause them to become agitated, resulting in bites, reminds an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer specializing in animal attacks.

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