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November 04, 2013

How Motorists Can Help Law Enforcement Officials Keep Bad Elements Off The Road is not every day that you meet hard-working and honest government workers. Although there are still good employees of the government, no one can deny their scarcity. That is why when one of these kinds pass away, people cannot help but be sad about it. Such is the pain that the people of Laguna Beach California are experiencing as 42-year-old motorcycle officer Jon Coutchie passed away.

Tragic death while in the line of duty
A couple of days ago, one speeding vehicle have eluded one Laguna Beach officer. Coutchie, who was then going northbound on South Coast Highway was then tasked to locate the vehicle. However, while doing his work, he suddenly figured in a collision with a Chevrolet pickup truck as he attempted to make a turn. Coutchie died at the scene. According to a Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys, this is the first death of an on-duty Laguna Beach officer in 60 years or since 1953.

A true servant of the nation
Coutchie has been in the service for a long time now. The Tucson Arzona-born and Orange County, California-raised officer was a graduate of the Laguna Hills High School. During his younger years, Coutchie has spent four years in the military service as an Army Ranger. He then enlisted after the September 11 attacks where he completed tours of duty in dangerous Arabic countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. He then joined the Laguna Beach Police Department in 2009.

Public mourning
Coutchie is one of the revered Laguna Beach officer that is why his death has caused mourning all throughout the community. In fact, people from the area held a large motorcade in honor of the fallen officer. Officials joined the procession as police accompanied the body of Coutchie from the coroner’s office to the mortuary. A public viewing is being held at the mortuary while a funeral service was scheduled soon.

Working together in that fight against bad elements
Chasing after criminals or suspected bad elements is a very dangerous job. Like in Coutchie’s case, he laid his life in trying to make sure our roads are safe and free from such maniacs. Though the death of good officer like him is a complete loss for the law enforcement agencies, everybody can take their share in fighting that fight against evil. As a motorist, you can do help these law enforcement agencies in keeping bad elements off our roads. By clearing the way for police officers, assisting them with any way possible, and driving safely, you have already extended that much needed help the police officers need to keep your community safe.

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