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November 18, 2013

How Can Rockslide Cause Traffic and Danger to Motorists

Every day, there are many hazards that you have to face. That is why it is so difficult to avoid accidents on the road. Every year, hundreds of thousands of incidences of motor vehicle crashes happen, causing injuries to people, damage to property, and even death to some. There are many reasons as to why these crashes happen. While driver error remains as the top contributor to these mishaps from happening, external factors like road conditions can also get one involved in an accident.

Rock Slide Causes Traffic Mess in Malibu

Last weekend, boulders fell from a mountain, blocking lanes of the Malibu Canyon Road at Las Virgenes Road. Rockslides caused huge chunks of heavy rocks to fall on the road. This has led to the closure of the busy road for many hours. The incident led to gridlocks on the roads near the area. More than that, things like this could have fallen onto someone driving by the area. A Los Angeles Injury Attorneys that has handled many similar cases shared that such events unnecessarily put the lives of a lot of people in danger. In a way, he believes that the government through its implementing agencies should assume great responsibility in making sure that these accidents won’t happen. This way, they would be able to protect and ensure the safety of every American on the road.

Government Works Hard to Keep Roads Safer

That is why the government, through its many agencies try do everything it can to keep these from happening. The concerned groups check on the conditions not just of the road but of its surroundings to ensure that these important passageways are in tip toe condition, ensuring safe journeys for all Americans, wherever in the country they may be.

What You Can Do To Help?

As a concerned citizen, you can take an active role in helping ensure everybody’s safety on the road. By immediately reporting anything road hazards to authorities, you help speed up the reaction of the government in addressing such problems on the road. Moreover, you also help stop an accident and save a life by just acting and speaking up. Who knows, it could be your life, or the lives of people close to you that you will be saving.

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