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March 19, 2014

Fatal Accidents to Affect California’s Traffic Safety Scorecard

Traffic Safety in the state of California has been experiencing a lot of firsts as it hit record-lows traffic fatalities for the year 2010. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has revealed that the number for California’s traffic fatalities went down in 3,081 in 2009 to 2,715 in 2010, an 11.9 percent decrease. This has been the lowest level since the federal government started recording the number of traffic fatalities in 1975. However, they are not so sure if they’d still be able to keep these statistics down.

In the past few months of the year, a number of motor vehicle accidents have been recorded in the state has been quite alarming. Just like these past few days, authorities are searching for a driver who fled after being involved in a deadly motor vehicle crash in Westminster, Orange County. According to investigations held by the officials, a car was headed northbound on Magnolia Avenue. Suddenly, the car veered and drove wrong way in the southbound lane of the road. The car later on hit the wall of a mobile home park before finally hitting a light pole. Authorities denied the involvement of other vehicles in the crash.

Another Life Lost
The passenger of the car was ejected from his seat and died at the scene. He was identified as Isaias Tang, 25-years-old. Witnesses revealed that the driver fled immediately right after the crash. The driver was last seen running southbound on Magnolia Avenue. The car involved in the crash was a dark blue, four-door compact car.

Looking for Leads
Right now, investigators have been looking for the suspect to make him accountable for his action. Authorities are now appealing to the public to join them in their quest for the driver of the car. According to earlier reports, the driver is a long-haired white male. They have requested everybody to call the Wesminster Police office at (714) 898-3315.

What’s In Store for the Driver?
Because of the accident, the driver of the car that crashed can be held liable for his inability to control the car and him leaving the scene. A personal injury claim can be filed against him, which could lead to him paying for damages caused by the accident to the victim, as well as the damaged property in the crash site. For the driver of the vehicle, he might need to hire the services of the best car accident lawyer in California to help defend him from the cases he is facing. With the recent spate of motor vehicle accidents, the NHTSA is again calling to every driver to take the necessary precaution and encourage them to drive safely and defensively to cause bigger, more serious accidents.