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March 28, 2014

DUI Officer Crashes Car into A McDonalds Outlet

Normally, you go to a McDonalds drive-thru station to get that badly-needed meal, whatever the time is. However, some locals or those who passed by Diamond Bar in California probably got disappointed when they went to their favorite McDonalds drive-thru station one early morning.

Crashing In
An officer of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was arrested by his peers after his car flew off the 60 Freeway. The car ended in a McDonald’s drive-thru station in Diamond Bar causing damage to the restaurant. Investigators said that 29-year-old Officer Jonathan Chel of the LAPD was brought to the UCI Medical Center after sustaining traumatic injuries because of the car crash. In the medical facility, it is found that Chel was under the influence of alcohol which got him arrested.

Drunk Driving is Bad
Time and again, authorities have worked well to make sure that people knew how dangerous drunk driving is. Every year, the government through the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in its anti-drunk driving campaign. Through tri-media and new media advertisements and information campaigns, these different agencies, as well as concerned groups have put in a lot of effort to let everybody know how dangerous drunk driving is and why people should stop doing it. While some adhere to these calls by the government, others still go driving after drinking, making them learn things the hard way. That is why more and more campaigns are being formulated to better reach motorists to get the message across and make people stop putting their lives and others in danger by drinking and driving.

Law Enforcers Breaking Laws
Law enforcement is one of the biggest problems as far as drunk driving is concerned. Especially if the ones who should be enforcing it at the very people who break it. That is why the government is again reiterating its calls to make people drive safer by taking drunk people off the road. This way, streets would be a lot safer and accidents like these won’t happen again.

If you have been a victim of a car crash and got injured because of it, you can always ask for damages caused by the accidents. Do hire a car accident attorney in California and press the necessary charges against those with traffic violations on the road. This way you can get compensation for the damage to property, as well as have your injuries treated. Moreover, you can get these crazy people held liable for their offenses, helping curb cases of drunk driving down, making our roads safer.