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March 07, 2014

Toyota’s Recall Saga’s Not Over

Once considered as the maker of the most dependable cars, Japanese and for a time, World’s number one automaker Toyota’s reputation is once again on the line. After the holding the biggest recall of cars a couple of years ago, Toyota is once again recalling over a million units of its compact crossover RAV4, hybrid car Prius, and mid-size pick up Tacoma in the United States alone.

Total Recall Once More
260,000 Lexus RX350s, Tacomas, and RAV4s are being recalled for faulty electronics. According to Toyota’s website, this issue can possibly turn off the anti-lock brakes, traction control, as well as the Vehicle Stability Control. To fix these issues, the carmaker offers owners of the concerned models with free software updates. Owners of the affected vehicles will be receiving first class mail to notify them when the software updates are available at their local dealers.

Hybrid Problems
On the other hand, Toyota is recalling the Japan-made Toyota Prius as the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software. This problem, according to Toyota, may cause “higher thermal stress” in some of the ECU’s transistors, causing them to get damaged. This could lead to the illumination of various warning lights on the dashboard, making the vehicle go into a “failsafe” mode. Depending on the severity of the damage to the ECU, this could cause the hybrid system to suddenly shot down, making the vehicle lose power before eventually going to a complete stop. Around 713,000 units to be recalled are in North America, 130,000 from Europe, and 997,000 are in Japan.

Why Recalls Matter To You?
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, defects on the car’s various parts can cause problems that may affect one’s driving. Worse, such could lead to car accidents that would then get you hurt, injured, even dead. While you can file personal injury claims for such cases to get compensation for the pain and suffering it caused you, it would be a lot better to completely avoid these possible accidents by having your vehicle checked as soon as a recall order is released.

So be on the lookout for car recall announcements and make sure that you have your vehicle fixed as soon as these happen. This could very well make the difference and prevent you from having the need to ask for the help of a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you file claims for the accident that might happen.