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March 17, 2014

Nurse Leaves Father to Deliver Own Child

Nurse Leaves Father to Deliver Own Child
You’d love to get to hold on your baby as soon as he or she is born. However, nobody wants to be the one to deliver your own baby. This odd event happened to one couple on a hospital in Boynton Brach Florida.

According to reports, a husband admitted his wife in the hospital since she was laboring and will be giving birth anytime soon. Their stay In the maternity turned out normal as she was given an induction drug to speed up the delivery of the baby. Not long after, they were abandoned by the hospital staff for another patient was said to be in need of an emergency C-section. This left the laboring mother with no one but her husband.

Amidst the laboring woman’s screams, all that the hospital nurse said was for them to “wait”. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said to the baby. The labor was moving along rather quickly. To stall the birth of the baby, one of the doctors stopped the induction drip so that the baby could wait until the former was back, ready to deliver the female baby.

This left the husband with no recourse but to deliver the baby himself, helping his wife in the hard and painful delivery process without the supervision of any medical professions. That is because the lone nurse who was there to look after them left as well. The obstetrician went back just in time to cut the umbilical cord of the baby girl.

A Grave Case of Medical Malpractice

What this Florida couple suffered is one notable case of medical malpractice. Despite what happened, the hospital spokeswoman claimed that the mom and baby are “doing very well” anyway. Because of what happened, the spokesperson added that they were offering “special accommodations” for the victims. However, it was not clear to her if the family was still there.

The husband was disappointed with what happened saying that things like that shouldn’t have taken place in a hospital. According to a Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney, one could file a personal injury claim that can get the family compensation for the damages that the incident caused them. Officials of hospital and medical associations reiterated to their members the importance of keeping the level of personal care acceptable.

Things like these are quite isolated. However, hospitals and their staff must strive hard to be able to provide the best and safest care all the time. This clear violation of medical malpractice should not happen to anybody and everyone should stand up and report such cases of medical malpractice to authorities at once to prevent more serious health issues for their patients