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November 20, 2012

Common Negligent Acts of Motorcyclists that Lead to Personal Injury Case

Common Negligent Acts of Motorcyclists that Lead to Personal Injury Case

Los Angeles motorcyclists who do not want to face personal injury charges should know how to act accordingly while on the road. Motorcycle accidents are not a phenomenon in Los Angeles—in fact, every year, dozens of people die as a result of such accidents.

Based on the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the year 2009 alone, almost 400 people were killed in motorcycle mishaps in the State of California. Although this number is relatively low as compared to other fatality rates associated with other types of motor vehicles, motorcycle accidents are still regarded detrimental to the traffic safety of the state.

In relation to this, motorcycle riders in Los Angeles should practice safe and responsible riding at all times to avoid injuring themselves and other people, and facing civil lawsuits.

The following are the common negligent actions of motorcycle riders that result in accidents and personal injury lawsuits:

Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs – Alcohol and drugs can adversely affect a rider’s motor skills and decision-making skills. This could lead to compromised riding, which could result in untimely incident. Riders who will be found intoxicated when an accident occurs are considered negligent riders thus they can be pressed with legal charges.

Speeding – Riders who speed are more likely to commit errors that could lead into an accident. These riders are considered negligent motorists because they fail to obey traffic laws that are implemented to ensure traffic safety.

Traffic law violators – When a rider injures a person as a result of failing to obey traffic laws like not stopping to red light, unsafe swerving, and the like, he or she may be charged with personal injury lawsuit.

Los Angeles motorcycle riders should always think of their own and other people’s safety to avoid being involved in a personal injury case. Otherwise, they can expect to defend their case against the person they injured and his or her Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney.