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February 28, 2013

Driving Tips on a Rainy Day

The weather can really get crazy. Summer has gone way hotter than it used to. On the other hand, it rains cats and dogs when the wet season comes. That is why you should not be surprised anymore if these changes in weather conditions happen all too frequently now. If you don’t want to figure in an accident and call your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, please observe these simple safe driving tips on a rainy day:

  • Be conspicuous. Use your headlamps. Turn on the fog lamps, if necessary. If the rain is falling too hard, turn on your hazard lights, too. These lamps help you be seen on the road. This way, you can avoid getting rear-ended or figuring in a head-on collision. You can also spot road hazards while driving, helping you react better to the conditions outside.
  • Turn those wipers on. Wipers are made for a reason. When it’s raining, you turn them on. This way, you’d see better what’s ahead of you. If you drive a wagon, turn on that rear wiper too. Now more than ever, it is important to see what’s happening around you better.
  • Maintain a safe speed. Don’t drive too fast because you might lose control of your vehicle. Don’t drive too slowly because you can be a road hazard to other motorists around you. Just keep a steady, safe speed to help you control your vehicle better while it is pouring. This way, you will have a better reaction to the hazards ahead of you, with optimum control of your vehicle.
  • Brake with caution. Hard-breaking can have your car spinning and crashing. Too much brake force can have the tires slip and the wheel locking. When this happens, your car may likely go out of control. Apply a firm but appropriate force on the brake pedal to achieve optimum breaking minus the ugly skidding and possible accident.

Driving in heavy rain isn’t only hard. It is really, really dangerous. That is why you need to follow these tips and drive with more caution. This way, you will surely get to your destination safely, in no time.


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