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February 25, 2013

BMW also Recalling Vehicles: Do Safe Well-built Cars Still Exist?

Buying a vehicle is not a simple transaction. It is not as if you’ve bought a mobile phone that you can almost always replace every time it conks out. Plus having a vehicle fail while you are using it puts you and others’ lives in great danger. Certainly, the amount you are investing and the amount of damage that goes with a vehicle is simply bigger.

For luxury brands, name is everything. While it is easier to come up with a more powerful engine or break conventions with the tech carmakers fit their vehicles, coming up with a really solid product is hard, much more building a solid brand image.

BMW is one of the more popular luxury-performance brands in the US and all over the world. Its cars have been known to be as vehicles that are well-built and relatively problem-free. However, perfection is one such difficult thing to achieve and this also affects a rather reputable carmaker like BMW. Just this February of 2013, BMW has recalled their very popular 3-series sedans, wagons, convertibles and coupes. According to the recall notice it had something to do with the cable connectors, as well as a fuse box which can make the car lose power, making the engines stall unexpectedly. BMW has recorded one minor collision in Canada caused by the defect but fortunately no injuries were recorded.

One personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles has said that the victims of the crash can file for damages caused by the defect-induced crash. According to various consumer rights law, a buyer or end user of a particular product can sue the manufacturer of his or her purchased products that fails to deliver its promises. Moreover, one must sue a manufacturer whose defective product caused injury even with the proper usage of the same.

As a consumer, the best way for you to protect your rights is by knowing them. And by knowing your rights, you also need to keep yourself informed about the measures one must do to file for a claim and fight for your rights. So at the end of the day, the fight for good, quality products begin with every consumer. That is why you have to make sure that you only purchase nothing but the best that there is.

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