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January 08, 2013

Zaccaglin’s Case: An Insight into the Legalities of Slip and Fall Injuries

Zaccaglin’s Case: An Insight into the Legalities of Slip and Fall Injuries
Accidents happen unexpectedly; however if such incident is caused by another person’s negligence, it is justifiable for him or her to take responsibility for the damages that the unfortunate event has brought. These meant that the liable party should pay compensation for the accident victim.

Take for instance the case of Anthony Zaccaglin. He won $7.5 million after a slip and fall accident. According to news reports, the Superior Court jury in Vista, California ordered Starbucks to pay Zaccaglin and his family such amount of compensation after a slip and fall accident left him with a brain injury.

The court records indicated that such amount was granted to compensate for the losses of Zaccaglin. His losses included income, medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life. According to the victims’ attorney, Zaccaglin was picking up his order in 2008 at a Starbucks branch. There, the victim slipped on a recently mopped area, causing his head to hit the floor. 

Witnesses attested that they only saw one warning cone on the mopped area. It therefore placed the liability towards the Starbucks employee and its store manager. It was also revealed that Zaccaglin went to a physician with constant head pain, nausea and other symptoms.

His case was diagnosed as mild brain trauma. However, after more than a year of brain-injury therapy; his condition remained the same and this prevented him from working.

Zaccaglin’s case is just one of the many instances wherein clients were injured in commercial establishments. There are many more like him who have been suffered debilitating injuries.

Incidentally, the accident happened in California, and if you have been injured in a similar case, you may seek the assistance of a Los Angeles accident attorney. This legal professional has the ability to assert your rights through the following:

  • The possible dangerous condition was already there for some time and the owner of the establishment knew about it.
  • The possible dangerous condition was not corrected or addressed by the person in charge.
  • The owner of the establishment, through his or her own carelessness, created such situation that is regarded as dangerous.

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