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July 27, 2012

Tips for Every Dog Owner

The rate of dog bite incidents is apparently still on the rise these days. This is what the research findings of the American Humane Association indicate.

It was stated that there were about 4.7 million dog bite cases in United States every year. Around 800,000 of such cases would require professional medical assistance just to be treated properly. Also, many patients may need to undergo surgery since dog bites often lacerate the flesh and cause permanent deformation.

Incidentally, severe cases result in far more devastating events. This is evident in the 24 percent of deaths caused by unrestrained dogs living within properties. On the other hand, unrestrained dogs inside the establishment of their own keepers caused 58 percent of all recorded deaths.

People are likely to buy dogs to keep them as pets. However, it is important that these people should know the first steps on how to deal with the sometimes unpredictable behavior of such animals. In most cases, humans are the ones who lack dog care training that could lead them to commit actions that would trigger their pet dogs to bite.

In line with this, here are some of the things that people should keep in mind:

·         Do not look take away their puppies of the food they’re eating since some may instinctively bite.
·         Never run away from dogs since these animals view the act as a sign of weakness. Since werewolves were considered the ancestor of dogs, it is highly possible that they got this trait from such wild animals.
·         Never approach an unfamiliar dog.
·         Refrain from moving when an unfamiliar dog comes near.
·         Once a person is knocked over by a dog, it would be best for that individual to lay still.
·         Never stare at a dog directly in the eye since they look at such act as a sign of challenging their authority or territory.

Negligent owners should be penalized for not caring for these animals the right way, which might have increased their aggression. If the complaint took place in California, then the liable person should be prosecuted through the help of a Los Angeles injury attorney. This person would assist clients through the complex way of litigation.