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June 14, 2012

Los Angeles’ Notoriety for Vehicular Accidents and Other Forms of Personal Injury

The city of Los Angeles in the State of California is notorious for its high rate of vehicular crashes.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 588 traffic fatalities were recorded there in 2009 alone. Such rate proves the impending harm on motorists, pedestrians, and passengers who travel back and forth in Los Angeles. 

Some authorities in California are honest about the worsening state of their roads and motorists. They revealed that they could not control the high road activity within their area due to tourism boost. Such reason is partially valid, since the place is known for its beautiful sceneries, which may have enticed a big portion of the population. This also leads to the surge of motorists, whom the roads can no longer accommodate.
Families or victims of crashes may possibly file a complaint in court. If this happens, then the case shall be under the personal injury category. This meant that the injury that the victim has sustained was due to the negligence of the defendant.  

Victims or their families who wish to prosecute the liable party in court would need the help of a Los Angeles accident attorney. This professional is adept in the complexities of the law; hence, he or she would gladly help to prove that the defendant was really the one to blame for the mishap. 

On the other hand, personal injury is not limited to vehicle accidents, as it covers a range of subjects. The reader of this article might be facing a similar problem and it would help if he or she knows under which category the possible case falls upon. Here are two examples:

1.      Dog bites – Most of the time, negligence is the main basis for personal injuries and this fits dog bite accidents wherein the owner fails to restrain or care for the animal. According to studies, dogs develop aggressiveness under abusive and irresponsible owners. 

2.      Slip and fall accidents – There are a lot of establishment owners who fail to address possible dangerous areas within their property, like slippery flooring or protruding metals. This normally results to accidents, which are often cases of slip and fall.