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February 27, 2012

When Do You Actually Need a Los Angeles Injury Lawyer?

If you suffered injuries from a horrible personal injury accident, you might be thinking if you would want to hire a lawyer who can represent you in your case. Nowadays, personal injury lawyers work in a contingency basis, which means that you only have to pay up your attorney certain fees if he or she successfully wins your case. The likelihood of winning the case based on his or her experience makes it worth your money and effort.

Here are some instances in which a Los Angeles injury lawyer can be of help:

·         Permanent injuries – An accident could be close to fatal. If you happened to survive it, you may have sustained injuries that would affect your physical appearance and mental capacity in a permanent basis. The worth of such injury can be difficult to assess, which is why the lawyer is capable of getting most out of your claim.

·         Insurance company’s incapability – Your insurance company will help you with your claim – if it is a minor accident. They can still help you even if you experienced a major accident and sustained significant injuries, but they may not give you the real value of your claim. Worse, they may not be cooperate enough and pay you fairly.

·         Medical malpractice – If you suffered from an injury or illness due to the incompetence of your treating doctor, medical and legal inquiries are rather hard to understand. As such, it is right for you to hire a lawyer who has already dealt with medical malpractice cases.

·         Severe injuries – The likelihood of suffering severe injuries is high, especially if you get involved in a car collision or a slip and fall. Your lawyer can help you in determining the value of your injuries through the measuring the amount of medical bills and the length of time you are expected to recover.