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February 16, 2012

Things That You Should Do After a Car Accident

Road accidents have been one of the most common occurrences nowadays. Getting involved in a serious collision can be very stressful and horrifying, especially if the victim suffered physical injuries. Such occurrences always come with legal remedies, as this may implicate negligence on the part of the other driver who caused harm towards the victim. Before anything else though, here are some of the things that you should do after a mishap.

The Do’s after a Car Accident

You must seek medical attention immediately, no matter how severe the car accident is. This usually applies to all kinds of personal injury mishaps. You must also call the police for help. Once the police arrive at the scene, you must cooperate with them, along with the emergency respondents who are to treat your injuries.

You must also get the following information:
·         License plate numbers of vehicles involved
·         Contact information of the drivers, including their names, addresses, contact numbers and their insurance company.

Any witnesses that may be present near the area of the accident scene must be asked of their contact information, including their names, addresses, and contact numbers.

It is also important to keep at least a camera phone in handy when driving, especially if it has a camera feature. In the event that you get involved in a car mishap, you can take photos of the accident scene (from all angles), or the area in which the accident occurred, the injuries that you sustained, and damages to property. These photos will be used as evidence and will help the police create their report.

Ultimately, if you have sustained serious injuries and you think that the driver(s) involved in the mishap exercised negligence, it would be reasonable for you to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer. The lawyer will help you either in the court proceeding or informal settlement and has the ability to determine the amount of compensation you can receive.