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August 08, 2014

Great White Shark Attacks Manhattan Swimmer

50-year-old Steven Robles was doing his routine two-mile routine swim at the Manhattan Beach, California. This is something that the real estate broker form Lomita has been doing every weekend with more than a dozen of his friends. He has been enjoying this physical activity for the longest time. This weekend though he got a surprise that he was not expecting at all.

Shark Attack
Last weekend, Robles was doing his routine swim with his friends when a shark suddenly appeared and attacked him. He recalled what happened and couldn’t believe that he survived. Robles claimed that the shark came up from the bottom of the water, looked at him, and attacked him right then and there. The sharked lunged at and locked into his chest. Instinctively he grabbed the shark’s nose and tried to pry the great white shark’s mouth open. He was able to escape, so as the shark.

Rare and Uncommon Attacks
According to the International Shark Attack File’s (ISAF) report released last February 19, 2014, shark attacks are quite a rare occurrence in the United States. In fact, over the past 14 years, the number of people attacked by these predators hovered from 30-50 cases a year. Of the number of attacks recorded, only one to three victims died while tens got injured. In California, only one, non-fatal shark attack was recorded last 2013. However, shark attacks are one of the most dangerous kinds of animal attacks killing thousands of people all over the world annually.

Avoiding Shark Attacks
One will never know when and where these predators will attack as these animals attack either when they are provoked or not. That is why one should be aware of the things to do to prevent such incidents from happening. For one, you should not wander too far from the shore and avoid waters that are known to be a place where sharks stay.  Unlike dog attacks, you cannot just hire a California animal attack attorney to help you file a claim as you cannot blame anybody for these incidents. That is why one should always be careful while on the seas. Resort owners and keepers on the other hand must do their share in preventing such attacks through information campaign about these deadly animal attacks.

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